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The Inevitability of It All For Trump

It appears that the Saturday Night Massacre might actually happen on a Saturday night.

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

Once a President has DONE whatever his underlying crime is, think about it, the rest is fairly inevitable, once the world wakes up to it – A criminal who got to the Presidency is going to be one slimy, manipulator of the world around him. As opposed to non-criminals who become President.

Given the nature of such a criminal, and his criminality, and that he has gotten away with so much for so long – enabled and covered by his entourage – he WILL have grown to be at least somewhat like a mafia don.  Being told over and over for years how powerful and wise and ruthless he is, his satellite players feed his ideas of self-importance and his cleverness – and his teflon invincibility (to have gotten that far unscathed). . .

When Worlds Collide

What is his reaction going to BE, when the authorities lock their radar on him?  He will attempt to shut it down before its tentacles get too close, and to divert it.  And to make some deals, because everybody has a price.  And who to deal with?  The top dog over on that side.  No underlings. Mano a mano.  One on one.  No witnesses.  Jefe to jefe.

And if you’ve gotten to be the don, or mayor, or governor, or President, you hire and fire, and make sure the underlings know who the capo is.  And if you don’t deal with probable problem people early on, you are screwing up.  Get them out of your organization right away and replace them with controllable people.

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