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On Wiki-Universes and Peer-Review

I am a frequent visitor to WattsUpWithThat, Anthony Watts’ global warming  skeptic blog that is once again up for Best Science Blog, which is an amazingly egalitarian and open site.

Yesterday, Anthony was asking for input/feedback on the state of the site.  One of the commenters mentioned the word “wiki.”  I had not had reason to look up exactly what a wiki was, so I took the time out to Google it.  After looking it up, I recognized almost immediately that a wiki is exactly my concept of how the Universe was “created,” to use the religious term.

I’ve understood for probably 35 years that the universe was not designed by one stand-alone intelligence.  I first got the idea for this straight out of the Bible, because the Hebrew term used in Genesis 1:1 is not singular.  The term used is “elohim.”  “Eloi” is singular, “elohim” is plural.  Now, way back then I saw that this throws an entirely different light on “the” Creation as presented.  It doesn’t mean I accept the Biblical account in any religious way.  It in fact means I saw it more as a collaborative effort.

In my years in engineering, I know for a fact that nothing is built from first glimmer to finished product.  And if there is one thing that is really a “finished product,” as much as possible, it is the universe.  “Aha!” you might react, “But the universe isn’t a finished product!  There is evolution!  Everything is evolving, especially life in the universe!”  We will tackle that shortly.  Let me first finish my thoughts about the effort to create the universe…

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