Maybe OJ Didn’t Do It, After All. . .

I am just finishing up watching the mini-series entitled “Is OJ Innocent? – The Missing Evidence“.


Please don’t read this if you haven’t watched the mini-series and intend to watch it.  I am posting this here rather than on where I watched it – because they have a warning about not posting spoilers.

Okay, after all is said and done and the mystery witness had come forth, which tied a lot of things together, I think they didn’t quite nail it.


There is a realistic way to account for the discrepancy  between the 9:59 stopped watch and the 10:15 time of OJ and Jason arriving on the scene.  My scenario, is close to what William Dear came up with at about 30:00 into the video – but not quite – and for what it is worth, here it is:

  1. OJ was home getting ready for his trip and had his bags packed and out front on the bench
  2. Jason got off at about 9:00 – not the 9:30 “most conservative” time that they chose to work with.  The busboy said that the chef left before the busboys and waiters who did the cleaning up, and that they had left about 9:00.  Thus 9:00 is not at all a silly guess.
  3. Jason worked himself into a rage, then drove to Bundy from his g.f.’s.
  4. Ron Goldman left Mezzaluna at about 9:49 to bring Nicole’s glasses to her.
  5. Jason arrived at about 9:50-9:55 and got into it with Nicole on her stoop.  Goldman arrived at about 9:58
  6. The watch was broken at 9:59.  Goldman either had just arrived when Jason did or within a minute or two.
  7. Jason ended up killing her and Goldman in a rage, stabbing Goldman 29 times and her more than 20 times.  At one slash per second – easily done during a knife attack – that is only one minute.
  8. Jason then drove 7 minutes to Rockingham and called his dad on the way to tell OJ what he’d done.
  9. While OJ waited for Jason, he thought to get some rubber gloves.
  10. Jason parked in the driveway.
  11. OJ and Jason drove to Bundy, 7 minutes more, so that OJ could try to clean up after Jason’s mess – trying to help his kid get out of the mess
  12. Together they drove in on Dorothy, arriving at 10:15 to clean up, 16 minutes after Nicole’s watch was broken
  13. The PI Michael Martin saw them, as he said – but arriving to clean up, not to DO the killing
  14. OJ told Jason to stay in the car while he cleaned up, then got out and started putting the rubber gloves on.  (Nobody wear good gloves to clean with.)
  15. OJ walked around the car WHY?  The driver side door was on the side with the gate.  Answer: To say something quietly to Jason after OJ had gotten out.
  16. It makes no SENSE that OJ would take Jason along to sit in the car while OJ went up front to kill Nicole.  Why would he take Jason along?
  17. OJ missed Jason’s stocking cap at Bundy, but got the knife.
  18. While cleaning up, OJ may have decided to cut himself in order to draw attention away from Jason.  This would explain two things: His blood at the scene and the cut.
  19. OJ got himself bloody a little bit
  20. That is how the blood got from him into and onto the Bronco
  21. At OJ’s house, they parked the Bronco in the street, knowing the limo guy was probably there.  OJ tried a quick cleanup, which is why much of the blood in the Bronco was smeared.  But it was too
  22. Jason stayed in the car
  23. OJ got bloody cleaning up and decided he should remove his clothes before getting into the Bronco (but they weren’t really bloody)
  24. OJ came straight into his house, not around back, being seen by the limo driver
  25. OJ turned on the lights, like the limo driver said, then called him and made the weak excuse about being in the shower
  26. Kato happened along and opened the gate to let the limo driver pull in
  27. Kato saw the bags on the bench, ready to go
  28. OJ came out, put his bags in the stretch limo and the driver carefully pulled around the two cars to exit the property.
  29. On pulling out, the driver saw another vehicle on the street by the driveway which had not been there 10 minutes earlier.  Jason ducked down so he couldn’t be seen.
  30. After the limo left, Jason got in his car – which was VERY bloody – and left. (He cleaned it up when he got to his place.)  He didn’t think to check and clean the Bronco.  (OR he tried to and actually got more blood on it than it had had before.)
  31. So, HOW did OJ cut himself?  In his hotel room, as he said. How? He was furious, thinking about Jason, and slammed the glass down, breaking it like he said.  (OR, as I said above, he decided to cut himself to cover for Jason.)
  32. How did the gloves get behind the house?  Why didn’t they ditch them somewhere?  Why didn’t they keep them with the clothes?  (OR: They DID keep them with the clothes – or ditched them in a dumpster, and then Furman really DID plant another pair in the back walkway, having previously bloodied them at Bundy – and then he was the first cop on the Rockingham property, climbing the gate for that very purpose – without a search warrant.  There is more than one pair of gloves in the world, after all.)  Just because OJ was involved as Jason’s cleanup guy didn’t mean that the cops wouldn’t plant evidence anyway – especially Furman, who had previously admitted to planting evidence to an academic researcher in NC. There is nothing in the fact that OJ put on gloves that would prevent Furman from doing what he’d done before many times.  Also, remember that the glove did not fit.
  33. Where did the clothes go?  (mostly Jason’s)  Jason took them with him and destroyed them or OJ had OJ’s lawyer come to Jason’s and do get them.
  34. The blood on the socks?  OJ didn’t realize he got blood on them at Bundy while searching for things to grab and get rid of.  Just like he couldn’t see well enough at night on the street to know he’d missed wiping all the blood off the Bronco.
  35. The time card?  I think it WAS for the week ending 6-19 and that the PUNCHED times ARE for 6-13,6-14, 6-18 and 6-19.  I disagree with  the younger guy in the show.  The 16th was the funeral for Nicole, and the card has no entries for 6-15 and 6-16. That makes sense. Jason did NOT punch out on 6-12, because he left at or before 9:00 and he knew it would not offer him an alibi.  So he simply blew off punching out and knew he could enter and fill it in later.  He lived over that way, and as the chef he would have had keys to the restaurant and simply walked in and wrote those times in, and then he went home to his place.  He had all the rest of the night on the 12th to do that.  (The idea that the “A” side of the card was actually the PREVIOUS week ending 6-12 doesn’t hold water for two reasons. One, the punched time on Sunday night was 10:20, but at 10:15 the PI Martin SAW him at Bundy.  THAT passed the lie detector test, along with the rest of his story – accept part, accept all, the way the test was run; they can’t blow off parts they don’t happen to like.  So that hand-written line couldn’t be the 12th and had to be the 19th. Two, since this was clearly the “A” side, the June 12th entry should have been on the “B” side of the previous two week’s card, which would have been collected already on Monday morning (or Tuesday morning if the place was closed on Mondays).)
  36. Which brings up why Jason didn’t enter at least the 2:30 time on that previous card on its “B” side!  Why not? Because he hadn’t punched in OR out on the 12th, and by the time he got to the time clock, someone had collected all of them already.  He screwed up if that is what happened.  So, he entered it by hand and hoped the cops wouldn’t be very good with numbers and dates.
  37. OJ’s Bruno Magli shoes?  He didn’t think to change them after Jason called, and ended up leaving tracks.  (OR, he did it intentionally to deflect attention from Jason.)  The TWO sets of shoe prints were real.  (Corduroy my ass – halfway back on the sidewalk to the alleyway?  Ron Goldman crawled after the killer?  Gimme a break.) It’s obvious that OJ was there.  And if Jason did it, his tracks should have been there, too.

So, that’s how OJ was there but didn’t do it.

OJ has been covering for Jason from the moment Jason called him about doing it.

That’s the way I fit all the new evidence together.

I’d always said that, if the prosecution’s timeline was correct, there i no way OJ had time to do all those knife wounds and then clean up afterward.  As Detective Lang said, this was the bloodiest crime scene he’d seen.  To do it at 10:15 and then drive home and clean up and not have blood everywhere on his white carpet and all over his house and MUCH more in the Bronco AND get showered and not have any blood in the shower drain – It’s just not possible AT ALL.  (I ASSUME the cops checked for blood in the drain, right?  . . . actually I don’t think they DID, though they should have.)  That was the basis of my “OJ didn’t do it”.  But if all he did was go and try to clear out all the evidence, that is another story.  As Martin said, OJ was only up front at Bundy for about 10 minutes after arriving at 10:15 – PLENTY of time for a 7 minute drive to his home.

[BTW, my own mother died that very same night, about two hours before Nicole and Ron.]

Another BTW:  This was illustrative of how three people can see the exact same pieces of evidence and somehow come out with three different conclusions!  It’s all in how each observer/analyst weighs each bit of evidence.

I think William Dear was essentially right, and that OJ got involved to tamper with evidence in order to try to protect his son.  If that is what he did, he’s been successful at it for 22-1/2 years now.  And took the hit for him.  And ruined his own life in the process.


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