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Get the banks out of the hands of private ownership

No feaking DUH. . .

Bill Moyers | James Kwak and Simon Johnson: Banks Are an Oligarchy

I LOVE Bill Moyers.  He is one of the very few straight-shooting inquirers into our society and its workings.  He is a news reporter with his own show.  He is not a suck-up like Larry King.  And he isn’t just the same old boring sit-down-across-the-table.  He includes plenty of video.  And he addresses tough issues as often as anyone in the U.S. mainstream.  Bush’s lackey got him taken off the air, back in around 2005, but Moyers seemingly didn’t miss a beat.  I love the guy.  He can talk economics and religion, history, politics, health care and international issues.

But this show seems a bit of fluff, in spite of the subject and the guests.

Pardon me, but isn’t the prototypical oligarch DEFINED as a banker?  Show me an oligarchy that isn’t wrapped around the bankers?  Asking if a banker is an oligarch is like asking if Joe Stalin was a murdering communist sociopath.

And we need those people between us and our money exactly WHY?

This blog entry is mainly about things at their most fundamental level – the level at which we all are so used to something being a certain way that we never question it.

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