Alternative Research

This is an area dear to my heart.

Full disclosure: I am good friends (at least I think so) with three major alternative researchers – David Hatcher-Childress, Christopher Dunn, and Lloyd Pye.  If you don’t know them by now, you will if you hang around here long.  I love them like brothers.  But I do hope that I can speak here freely and frankly about their work.  I believe that to be the case.

For all other alternate researchers, I am open minded.  Some of them are doing valuable inquiring into subjects mainstream scientist and historians won’t touch.  Academia is a harsh master and an unforgiving one.  One misstep and a career can be down the tubes.  For honest inquiry that should not happen.

Full disclosure of another sort: Many of the paradigms that archeologists and paleontologists and anthropologists operate under I do not agree with.  that is not to say I think I know better than them.  I can think their wrong and still not know of better constructs – or let me say, I may not know of ones I can prove to their liking.  That is fair, since their constructs are not to my liking, either.

There are alternative researchers in fields other than the three mentioned above.  Some are doing work in the area of subtle energies and over-unity devices.  There are ones who are now dead and gone, too, from whom I have seen some interesting and mind boggling results (Coral Castle in particular).  I am a tough cookie, though, and I do want to see replicability.  Of course, when the are able to replicate they won’t give a damned whether Steve Garcia was impressed or not.  May I just say this:  I am on their side, and I am hoping that one or more of them does succeed.  The world can use an over-unity device, for more reasons than one.  For example, like the Clovis barrier in anthropology, I believe the over-unity barrier must fall if we are to have the energy for a planet with 7 or 9 or 10 billion people in a time when the oil and gas reserves may not be easy to access.   Is that a  rational hope?  I would put it at about a 25% chance of happening sometime in the next 100 years.  (I have reasons for saying that, which will come out in a future post.)

There is one area of inquiry/development that does not come up anywhere else (almost), and which I hope to touch upon at some point.  That is the area of the human soul and proving that it exits.

I was a participant in a web site called some time back.  While there was some squirrelishness to the entire thing (to a high degree, to be honest), some of the philosophy of the Wingmakers site rang a bell with me, in a way no other site or movement or organization or concept did.  I dearly want to get into that, over time.  Especially the part about the proving of the existence of the human soul.  I think that is an endeavor worthy of any serious inquirer into the nature of the human being.  I hope to get into that as time allows.


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