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Chaotic systems – Is climate one of them? I’m beginning to suspect not

At New Scientist I found this:  Climate Myths: Chaotic Systems Are Not Predictable (May 16, 2007) by Michael Brooks

In it he starts out with

“While weather and to some extent climate are chaotic systems, that does not mean that either are entirely unpredictable…” followed by an assertion of a demonstration whose link is a dead link.

I agree with the statement that – as science’s capacity currently stands – weather is chaotic.  And yet, within that chaos, our scientists do a great job of dealing with weather, on its short time scale, in a manner that is both quite accurate and real-world functional.  It is functional on the short scale to the pint of almost being a branch of engineering instead of science, per se. Engineering is what is called “applied science.”  To “apply” a specific science, the mechanics, chemistry, materials science, electronics, and physics of it need to be known to within close approximations and then well defined for producers of products and designers, so that one group knows what to provide and the other knows what they will be dealing with and be able to produce a next-level product with characteristics known to within close parameters.

In other words, once a process or material passes to the point of engineering it is very nearly the exact opposite of a chaotic system. Continue reading


Reincarnation . . . or Heaven?

Every once in a while I have reason to mention that I believe in reincarnation.

When I admit this, I usually get one of two reactions.

One is, “So, you think you come back as a cow, huh?”

The other is, “Well, there is no evidence of that.”

There is no point in responding to the first.  The questioner obviously heard something in 3rd grade and hasn’t informed himself or herself since then.  Someone with that little curiosity about life is barely worth talking to about anything metaphysical, other than, “I’d like a metaphysical Coke with that.”  LOL – try that one at McDonald’s or Burger King some day…

This is not about 3rd grade teaching by school marms.

We will define reincarnation as being about a soul coming back to live again in another body, for the purpose of increasing his/her/its soul development.  I include “its” there because if the soul exists we don’t know whether has gender.  The soul itself might, and it might not.

At the same time, no one has even come close to providing scientific evidence of the existence of the soul.  And that applies to either 1-off lives or many lives.

Which brings us to the crux of this. Continue reading