I LOVE the Smell of Napalm in the GOP Mourning

From a DailyKos post yesterday:

As Michael Grunwald pointed out in an incisive Twitter rant Tuesday, it’s exactly this type of blind partisan crusade absent a shred of intellectual honesty that primed the GOP base for an ideological wild card like Trump.

“My basic critique of the GOP was that it wasn’t on the level. It wasn’t about conservatism. It was about politics and power,”

How can so many students of all of this miss the history and not understand that this — NONE of this — is by accident or spur of the moment, or congress by congress decision making?

This all began with the Powell Memo in 1971, a list sent to the President of the US Chamber of Commerce by Lewis Powell VERY shortly before Nixon nominated him to the Supreme Court.  (Does that or does that not give ANY kind of hint how actually political the SCOTUS is?)

In the memo was a manifesto for “taking back the country from the Liberals”, in all — ALL — aspects of control.  They included  the White House, the Congress, the judges at all levels, the university professorships, and most decidedly, the news media.  All of it was in recognition of the fact that all those since the New Deal had been centers of power and information — and teaching — and interpretations of the laws, as well as simply controlling what legislation occurred – Liberal legislation, Democratic legislation.

Since 1933, the Democrats had controlled Congress for all but 4 years – 34 out of 38 years.  The majorities were often filibuster-proof, so the conservatives had NO influence.  And when they DID, they went crazy with people like Joe McCarthy and the McCarthy hearings.  That gave voters strong incentive to not make the mistake very often of voting in Republicans.

In addition the memo formulated the set-up of conservative think tanks.  All of it was to be funded by selected conservative billionaires.  (Four were selected and one of the four – believe it or not – was the infamous Sun Myung Moon, he of the brainwashed cultists.  You can’t make this shit up.)

The think tanks evolved into the source of the manipulation of the news media — every day — which ended up being the “daily talking points”, so that EVERYONE was on the same page EVERY DAY.  This was top-down control of EVERYTHING within the GOP and the areas mentioned above.

That memo was so well received that it was copied and dispersed all over the country.

This is not a conspiracy theory.  The republicans didn’t have a conspiracy; they HAD A PLAN. And they’ve stuck to it ever since.  With one failing:  Newt Gingrich introduced the evangelicals, who have morphed into the Tea Party, and that has morphed unintentionally into Donald Trump.

That year — 1994 — was the beginning of the end, even as Gingrich basked in so much glory for having pulled that off.  But the evangelicals were the cancer that was going to eat away not only at the GOP but to dissolve the Powell Memo’s plan into nothing.  Gingrich let the bat shit crazies into the party, and for 15 years it worked perfectly: At election time yell a lot about gay marriage and abortion to get the evangelicals’ votes, and then use the resulting majorities to pass laws favorable to corporations and 1%ers.  But there was a ticking clock on that – how long they could continue to dupe the dummies, the suckers, the marks.

The Democrats all this time — 45 years now — have operated as individuals who could decide for themselves, and who needed old fashioned convincing to change their minds and get on board.  Not so the GOP.  What was decided at the top was gospel all down the ranks.  They refined the process over time and thought that they’d perfected it — just about the time Bush’s term in office ended and just in time for the Tea Party to begin to rebel.

Trump?  All This is Trump’s Fault, Isn’t It?

It didn’t have to be Trump that set off this firestorm.  If he had not been in the race, it certainly would have been Cruz — and it WAS going to be this year.  The GOP establishment hates Cruz as much as they hate Trump.  If the nomination goes to a brokered convention, CRUZ is the last person who will get the nod.  The rebellion was going to end up with Cruz — and the establishment GOoPers were going to have exactly the same problem.  But then Trump stepped in and hijacked the rebellion.  Cruz has the personality of a kumquat.  He was the wrong person, at the right time. And in stepped Trump and stole his rebellion thunder.  It was GOING to be the Tea Party, but Trump has even hijacked THAT.

Schadenfreude – So Sweet It Is

I have been licking my chops for the last year in anticipation of this destruction at this very time. Hahaha… When Trump showed up, I thought he had f*cked it all up.  But, in fact, he has accelerated it a bit.  NONE of this self-immolation is a surprise to me in the slightest.

I am enjoying it immensely.

How Will This Play Out?

But the REAL thing is that the Dems need to be able to capitalize on it.  Bernie Sanders looked for a time like he was going to bitch it all up.  But he’s only been pulling down about 39%+ of the primary and caucus votes and keeps falling further and further behind.  Such s yesterday.  He won 2 states to 1 for Hillary, and he ended up like 9 delegates further behind.

So, the Democrats are on track to  — in Kasich’s world — look like the only adult on the stage.  No matter HOW many people might have voted for an establishment GOP candidate BEFORE, if Trump or Cruz don’t get the GOP nod, the Trumpeters and the Tea Partiers and the evangelicals and the white trailer trash are going to go thermonuclear in reaction to that.  And if Trump or Cruz DOES get the nod, the establishment people are already bailing.

It’s not bad enough that in an election year 40 million more voters turn out, benefiting the Dems MASSIVELY.  Of that 40 million, usually about ¾ were Democrats.  This time ¼ to ½ of the GOP’s voters are going to stay home — or even vote for Hillary.  So, instead of 70 million Dems and 60 million GOoPers, it may be more like 70-85 million Dems and 35-45 million GOoPers.

This could be the ass whupping of all time.  And coattails – beautiful long, sea to shining sea coattails.  The Dems need 30 seats to take the House, 4 to take the Senate.  The Senate is a no-brainer, in a NORMAL Presidential year.  This year isn’t normal.  It’s going to be a blood bath.  All expected close races are going to go to the Dems — and some very pleasant surprises, to boot. The average change in the House since the end of WW2 is about 21 seats, with a fairly wide range. About 30% of the time the change was 30 seats or better.   The biggest changes have been 56, 75, 50, 47, 48, 52 and 64.  That is in a span of 30 Congresses — pretty damned wild swings in such a short time!

This one may take the cake — in spite of the gerrymandering.

And the destruction of the GOP should extend down to state houses, too, so there is a VERY real possibility that in 2020 some of the gerrymandered states will swing Blue — just in time for re-apportionment and redistricting.

I LOVE the smell of napalm in the morning!  When it is the GOP party going up in flames.

This Did NOT Have to End This Way

All of this MAY sound like I am gloating.  And I am.  But there is another side to it.

These people have been enacting the destruction of the USA that people near my age grew up in.  Those of you who weren’t there don’t KNOW how much they have taken from us.  YES, the 1%ers have pocketed the wealth of the country – which in my younger days was spread around the country.  It wasn’t just the difference in tax rates.  It’s the whole parasitical corporate system as it has evolved. IT WASN’T ALWAYS LIKE THAT!

They have GIVEN AWAY the heart and soul of the American economy – manufacturing – the ONE positive thing that Alexander Hamilton put into our system by dint of WILL.  AMAZINGLY, the economy has been flexible enough to somehow morph itself.  But if WE were making all the electronics that are changing our world, how much more wealthy we all would be.

They have STOLEN hundreds of thousands of dollars from college students – money they did not have to pay in my younger days.  Bernie Sanders has a nice idea, but if the GOP doesn’t finish destroying itself, Sanders’ idea is utter nonsense. It can only happen if the GOP is neutered and neutered for a VERY long time.

There are SO many things that need fixing!  Obama managed to tackle the ONE biggest one – Obamacare – and he was able to d it in just one 2-year Congress. He’s NEVER had a functioning Congress again!  Their obstruction didn’t start when Antonin Scalia died.

Imagine a government in which Congress works WITH the President!  THAT is the first order of business!

That is why THIS election is so important – and so important that the connections of the GOP with the Powell memo and it’s mentality are BROKEN, forever.  Just as the Powell memo laid out a plan to take back the country for the businessmen, we now need a Clinton Plan or Clinton Memo – or Obama could write it, or WHOEVER.  But a plan on what things to fix and a plan spelling out the targets clearly laid out.  To UNDO the businessman’s utopia and give the USA back to The People.

HONESTLY, it wasn’t that long ago that We The People were not gettting screwed over!


Read about the Powell Memo at www.commondreams.org/…  This passage describing the times is particularly enlightening

…Environmental awareness and pressure on corporate polluters had reached a new peak in the months before the Powell memo was written. In January 1970, President Nixon signed the National Environmental Policy Act, which formally recognized the environment’s importance by establishing the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Massive Earth Day events took place all over the country just a few months later and by early July, Nixon signed an executive order that created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Tough new amendments to the Clean Air Act followed in December 1970 and by April 1971, EPA announced the first air pollution standards. Lead paint was soon regulated for the first time, and the awareness of the impacts of pesticides and other pollutants– made famous by Rachel Carson in her 1962 book, Silent Spring – was recognized when DDT was finally banned for agricultural use in 1972.

The overall tone of Powell’s memo reflected a widespread sense of crisis among elites in the business and political communities. “No thoughtful person can question that the American economic system is under broad attack,” he suggested, adding that the attacks were not coming just from a few “extremists of the left,” but also – and most alarmingly — from “perfectly respectable elements of society,” including leading intellectuals, the media, and politicians.

It was perfectly respectable elements of society that the Powell memo was targeting. Powell laid out a plan*** to re-make American society at all levels, to redefine America — back to what it was in the 1920s, the last time the capitalists had free reign.   It is QUITE clear that the environmentalism was the catalyst — the one bridge too far for the conservatives.  The Powell memo was a call to action, and we have seen its almost universally bad effects on American society.

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