“We will make it so a Democrat can not govern as a Democrat.”

I ran across this quote by Grover Norquist, from 2003:

We will make it so a Democrat can not govern as a Democrat.”

THAT was decided on high, in the Right-wing think tanks that dictate everything on the Right. The whole thing began back in 1971 (but that is a story for another day).

When the GOP is in the WH, they declare a Unitary Presidency”, claiming all sorts of King George III powers. When a Dem is in the WH, they “make it so a Democrat cannot govern as a Democrat.” EVERY DAY is obstruction and one day closer to “the next President” who they ASSUME will be their boy.

That is what McConnell is thinking with the Scalia replacement – they can stall until January, and then their guy gets in and not only gets to replace Scalia, but then the liberal Breyer (who wants to retire), and the liberal Bader-Ginsburg (83), and moderate conservative Kennedy (79). They think they get the next FOUR appointments. McConnell is an idiot.

Except that there is a thing called the electoral vote Blue Wall. The Dems have electoral votes from 18 states which have ALL voted Democrat in the last SIX elections, totaling 242 electoral votes. A Dem candidate only needs to get 28 more electoral votes to win the WH. Which is Florida. The GOP needs to get 168. But there are only 226 in play. The Dems have the WH locked up for the next generation. McConnell is an idiot.

If it goes till January, the Dems are taking back the Senate. Now at 46-54, the Dems have SEVEN takeaways, which will give them 53-47. McConnell is an idiot.

The GOP End of the World is just around the corner. And they don’t know it yet.

McConnell thinks that he is playing from strength.  In fact he is holding a 2-4-7-9-J hand.   The Dems WILL take the WH.  The Dems WILL take the Senate.  And when he tries to filibuster this appointment in January and beyond, he will be faced with Chuck Schumer, not Harry Reid.  Harry, god bless him, pulled the Nuclear Option in 2003, on three judicial nominations.  (One of those nominations was Sri Srinivasan, who, when he FINALLY was given an up and down vote was passed by the full Senate 97-0.  Srinivasan is considered THE top choice right now to fill Scalia’s seat.)

Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

Chuck Schumer, as Majority Leader in the Senate come January, will chew Mitch McConnell up and spit him out.  If McConnell wants to play hardball, well, Chuck Schumer is Ty Cobb and Pet Rose and Mike Singletary and Conrad Dobler and Otis Sistrunk and Dennis Rodman, all rolled into one.  Chuck Schumer, if necessary (and it will be), will remove the filibuster for Supreme Court justices, just as Harry Reid did for lower courts.  The filibuster is NOT in the Constitution. In fact, it is as unconstitutional as can be, in how it allows the minority to run roughshod over the majority.

And what, you may ask, happens THEN?  The Senate becomes a majority rules legislative body for the first time in my lifetime or yours.  Schumer will push through not only Scalia’s replacement but also Breyer’s and Bader-Ginsburg’s and Kennedy’s.  Added to Sotomayor and Kagan, that will make six liberals.  And Hillary or Bernie Sanders will be able to nominate the most liberal people they can FIND – and get then on the Supreme Court for the next 20-40 years.

The young people of today have NO idea what it is like to have a Supreme Court that does not rule for the corporations several times every year.  And a Senate not ruled by threats of filibusters.  Reagan and his followers running the US government are soon to be a thing of the past.  Kids, a new day is dawning!  A FUNCTIONING GOVERNMENT!

The entire “Permanent Republican Majority” that the GOP thought was so close they could TASTE it will go up in FLAMES.  SCOTUS decisions will no longer depend on the one man – Kennedy – to break the ties usually in the conservative direction.  The court then will be 6-3 liberals.  It is entirely possible that Clarence Thomas will also retire during Hillary’s or Bernie’s term, which should be 8 years.  What we will see are rulings that completely stop favoring corporations.

Citizens United WILL be overturned.  Kelo vs City of New London (eminent domain) will be undone.  Buckley v Valeo (the FIRST ruling to allow corporate donations) will be undone.  GUN CONTROL will actually be on the table.

A new day is dawning.

Paul Krugman, in “How America Was Lost“, wrote,

Second, it’s really important not to engage in false symmetry: only one of our two major political parties has gone off the deep end.”

Let ’em drown, in their own stupidity and arrogance.

When they grow up (not certain), let them eat cake.  But with the Tea Party rebellion within their party, will the party even survive?  Whichever candidate gets the party nod at their convention, the other faction is going to go ballistic. You have NO idea how much I’ve been looking forward to watching that unfold.

I THINK the demise of the Soviet Union went something like this is going. The delusionals couldn’t hold it together anymore.

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