Ah, Antonin, We Hardly Knew ya. . .

Ding dong, the wicked prick is dead…

The battle to replace Antonin Scalia? I’ve got an interesting idea, if not a great one…

If Obama selects a fairly liberal nominee, the GOP Senate will, of course, drag their feet. They ARE required by the Constitution to consider the nominee. But they’ve already said they won’t okay anybody Obama nominates. But come October, when it is obvious that Hillary or Bernie will win the Oval Office, what do they do THEN? And with it more than 50% likely that the Democrats will win back the Senate, TOO, then what are their options?

Do they keep on saying, “Let the next President name the Justice!!!”

Do they DARE? As it draws near, they may actually opt for Obama’s nominee, after all – rather than one that a Democratic Senate okays…

In the long term, it isn’t going to matter. Justices Kennedy and Bader-Ginsberg are 79 and 82.9. The next President will likely be in office 8 years, at the end of which Kennedy will be 88 and Bader-Ginsberg 92.8. Meaning that TWO more Justices will be named by a Democrat. (Trump and Cruz have NO chance in November, and will get slaughtered.)

That, with this nomination, will change the court from 5-4, Conservative to 7-2, Moderate-Liberal. The SCOTUS will be changed for the next generation.

Possibly even on more, BTW. Chief Justice John Roberts has a weak heart. He had a heart attack around the time of his nomination.

This is a no-win situation for the Conservatives. Add the bat shit crazies that they have running for President, and their brand is near death. Add to that the internal revolution in their party, and the upcoming months should be extremely bad for the GOP.

Stay tuned. . .


10 responses to “Ah, Antonin, We Hardly Knew ya. . .

  1. I agree with this post that the Senate will suffer because of what the upcoming election will be like. The Democrats most likely will win the office bid unless Kasich makes a stand

    • Yes, Kasich is the most sane and electable person in the race for the GOP.

      That doesn’t make him a good person to be President. From what I have heard from politicos in Ohio (where I used to live), Kasich is an asshole. I don’t know the particulars, but a GOP asshole is NEVER my first choice for President.

      And the GOP has a really tough time coming up. What is going to be the reaction of the Tea Partiers if Kasich or Rubio or Bush wins the nomination? On the other hand, what is going to be the reaction of the business republicans if Cruz or Trump gets the nod?

      Both scenarios offer up possibilities of a total Party meltdown. Will the money people hold back if Cruz or Trump gets it? Will the Tea Partiers go psycho if Cruz or Trump DON’T?

      Add to that the very real possibility of a hung jury on the first ballot and it ending up being decided in smoke-filled back rooms. If it is a 3-way between Cruz-Trump and who knows which, are people going to pull out gins in the back rooms! Knifings? Will someone have their posse come in and shoot up the room?

      Will the Tea Party go 3rd party? With a write-in campaign?

      Or will the business Republicans abandon the Party to the Tea Partiers and start up another one?

      And on top of it all, you’ve got the Blue Wall. The Dems only have to hold the Blue Wall states and win 28 more Electoral Votes and the GOP candidate is screwed before he even starts. And with Cruz and Trump running, there is no chance of keeping the Dems down below 270 EVs. The election is basically over once the Dems finish their convention. Look up “Blue Wall Electoral Votes” if you haven’t heard of it before.

      The GOP needs a Ronald Reagan type figure to overcome the Blue Wall, and you just don’t have one.

      Add to THAT the fact that the GOP has 24 Senate seats up for election this year, vs 10 for the Dems. And everything indicates that the GOP will lose 7 to 14 of those. 7 will give the Dems the Senate. Do you know what that means in terms of replacing Scalia? How about when Kennedy retires?

      SCOTUS could be 6-3 against the conservatives in a very short time.

      Your party’s got problems, and those dodos Trump and Cruz and Rubio are not doing you any good.

      • I’m not a member of the Republican Party whatsoever, I am a Bernie supporter. I actually live in Ohio and I’m from a town outside Youngstown, where Kasich has pressured the struggling public schools in Youngstown to perform better or he will continue to give money to the private schools such as Cardinal Mooney or Ursuline. I like Kasich but I am a Sanders supporter. I do believe Kasich is the most electable candidate for GOP and I do hope the Democrats take the Senate and also the White House in this upcoming election.

  2. Tika – I respect your love of Scalia, but I hate what he’s done to our country, and I can’t separate the man from the destruction he’s helped bring upon the America I grew up in.

    I don’t run a blog here to quell those who have differing opinions from mine. I don’t do trolls, but honest discussion is always welcome.

    I am glad someone liked the guy. Personally I’ve spent the day rejoicing. Had the Democratic Senate in 1986 known what he was really like, they would have never allowed him on the court. And if he’d never been on the court, America would be a much better country right now.

    Citizen’s United wouldn’t have gone the way it did. That decision alone was as far from the intent of the Founding Fathers as anything could possibly be, and Scalia pretended all the time to be an Orginalist. Bull fucking shit.

    Add to that the Kelo vs City of New London decision.

    Add to that the Election of 2000. Which brought us torture and black sites and an illegal invasion of Iraq, including the murder of its President.

    The man was a one-man USA destroyer.

  3. I’m glad you commented! Don’t get me wrong, I did not agree with Scalia on most issues (especially Citizen’s United), but this post was simply to honor a member of our Supreme Court. Never once did I praise his viewpoints, I simply told about the respect he carried in our nation. I agree though, most of his decisions I do not stand by. Thank you again for your reply!

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