Bernie Can’t Govern

Yes, Bernie is the popular bandwagon of the week.  Big deal.  I LIKE Bernie. I do.


But Bernie is the guy who didn’t see fit to BE a Democrat for at least 2 terms.  Not until he decided to try to hijack the Democratic Party by running for President. He’s like the Tea Party, just on the Left instead of the bat shit crazy Right.

Bernie moved to Vermont in 1968, and he wasn’t there five years before he decided that he was running for the US Senate and governor and NOT as a Democrat.  Apologies to all the Bernie lovers out there, but that makes Bernie a carpetbagger.

After stints – still as an Independent  – as mayor of Burlington and in the US House, he decided to run again for the Senate – as an Independent in 2006, replacing the OTHER Vermont Independent, Jim Jeffords (a true hero of mine).  Bernie chose to run as an Independent, even though there was NO Democrat on the ballot.  IOW, Bernie could have become a Democrat THEN, in 2006, but he thought he was too good for the Democrats.

So, though Bernie has caucused with the Democrats for 9 years now in the Senate, Bernie never decided to BE a Democrat until he decided to run for President, just in 2015.  Democrats weren’t good enough for Bernie.  But when Bernie wants to be President, Bernie  decided to carpetbag it again.  Opportunism, thy name is Bernie.

Bernie the outsider, as he declared himself in his 1997 autobiography, titled, “Outsider in the House”.  Bernie the man who called the Democrats – along with the Republicans – “Tweedledee and Tweedledum”.  Bernie, the socialist, who mostly says he is “progressive” now. Bernie the opportunistic carpetbagger.

But he knows that he couldn’t run for President as an Independent, so he officially declared himself a Democrat – just in time to want to be the top dog in the Democratic Party.  Again, Bernie the opportunist.  Again, Bernie the carpetbagger.

He’d have gotten on the ballot perhaps for November, as an Independent or 3rd Party candidate, but then would have gotten CLOBBERED.  He would have stolen progressive votes from the Democrats and possibly have handed the White House to one of the bat shit crazies in the Republican Party.

All I see here is an opportunist.  Bernie the carpetbagger.

Bernie tied in Iowa, and Bernie will win NH.

But, people, Bernie can’t govern from the White House, if he perchance wins the nomination and then the election.

Bernie has no natural allies on either side of the aisle.  Bernie is a loner, a person that claims he is above politics, so how can he possibly GOVERN?  He’s too good for the Democrats – until he wants the whole enchilada.

Bernie has NO idea how to get things done in the halls of government.  He’s bene on the outside so long he doesn’t know how to get anything done.

Does America need a guy in the White House who doesn’t know how to function in the government?


The Republicans will be about as willing to work with Bernie as they are to pull their fingernails out with pliers.  The Democrats?  Bernie will have to convince even THEM to go along with any of the things he will want to do.

But he won’t get ANYTHING DONE.

Bernie, we love ya, as a Senator and as a conscience of the progressives.  We’ve had 7+ years of not getting anything done in our government, and THAT was after 8 years of criminality that affected the whole world.

The USA needs a President who is, first and foremost, a Democrat – a Democrat who knows how to get things done.  Bernie the Carpetbagger is not that man.  We don’t need an oustide in the White House.  We need someone who can govern.

Hell, Bernie you’re not even a Democrat.  You are scamming the Democrats – their youngsters most of all – with your socialist arguments that WILL NOT WORK IN TODAY’S USA.  Maybe someday, Bernie, but not today.

If he gets into the White House, is Bernie THEN going to declare himself an Independent again?  A Socialist?


A new book?  “Outsider in the White House”?

Bernie is a much nastier guy than anybody is realizing so far.  Bernie goes for the big enchilada.  When in the 1970s he had only just moved to Vermont, he ran not for mayor or councilman.  He ran for SENATOR.  AND GOVERNOR.  He’d never been ANYTHING, and he went straight to THE BIG TIME.

Bernie has an ego, folks, and you are all getting SNOWED.  It’s not about socialism. It’s not about progressivism.  It’s all about BERNIE.

Bernie Sanders, the NOT-Democrat, is USING the Democratic Party.  They ought to throw him out.

As a last point in this, I rooted for Barack Obama big time in 2008. I am not posting this because I am a Hillary fan.  I wanted change then, and I want change now.  But I also noted IMMEDIATELY – in January of 2009 – that Barack Obama was stabbing in the back everybody who supported him.  When Bernie Sanders declared himself a candidate for President ON THE DEMOCRATIC TICKET, I asked myself, “Are we doing 2008 all over again?”

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.

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