It Is a Time for Just Watching the Ship Go Down

Over at Campaign for America’s Future, in New Year’s Resolution: Civic Action to Fix Our Democracy, they are arguing for us to use civilized methods to undo the damage of the Republican theft of America.  They in particular want to undo Citizens United.  I wrote:
Citizens United is a special case and WILL be dealt with.
In terms of both that being overturned and civic action in general, from what I am seeing, the disintegration of the Republican Party is making the latter almost unnecessary, while also making the tenor of the times TO COME better for doing the former.
I just got a belly laugh, thinking of Antonin Scalia rolling over in his future grave when his ghost realizes that so much of what he had so goddamned staunchly twisted, legally, will be undone in the coming 20 years.
The real fact is that America’s citizenry does NOT support free-market greed at the expense of the middle class, no matter HOW much CNN and FOX and ABC and CBS have cow-towed to that bogus philosophy.
It has been an anomalous time, since 1994, when Newt Gingrich rolled out his welcome mat for the Christian fundamentalists. it was a coalition made in hell, but no one noticed it, because the fundies for most of those 22 years have not opened their eyes at how the business Republicans were using them at election time and not even throwing them SCRAPS in legislation.
In fact, one might even argue that the Republican stoppage of all bills through Congress has even bought the business Repugs time. But whatever time they gained, they’ve not been able to forestall the inevitable:
The fundies woke UP.  The Tea Party is the result, and since the TP is within the GOP, the Bizrepugs are simply being FORCED to cut off their hands to spit their faces. Or leave, themselves.
I saw this coming SO VERY LONG AGO, this wake-up and the repercussions and the rebellion and the hijacking and the gnashing of teeth (which won’t do any good).
“The enemy of my enemy is not only NOT my friend, but the bastard WILL stab me in the back some day.”
That time approaches, and there is nothing anyone outside it can do. And nothing the BizRepugs can do, either. The parting of the ways is almost upon us, and like WWI and Hitler, the ones controlling how it goes are all bat shit crazy. So, don’t expect anything less than a Reagan-ian Apocalypse. All that Reagan and his handlers have tried to do in the last 35 years is coming to naught, taken down by the very allies that allowed them to extend Reaganomics, that silly voodoo that you do, so well, St Ronnie.
So, the plantation owners who’ve been living in the mansion are being overrun by their sharecroppers. The Trailer Trash Coalition (I can say that since I am from the edge of the Ozarks myself) is coming apart at the seams, and all good civics students for the time being need only sit by and watch – and look sane.
Looking sane in the coming months will make the Dems so VERY attractive to not only Hispanics and blacks and women, but also to all those true independents. Garnering THEM will give Hillary (or Bernie) coattails of Rooseveltian proportions. She/he already has the Blue Wall and 75% of the swing states. There simply aren’t enough crazies and stupids in those states. The Republican effort to en-stupid America didn’t quite happen fast enough. Anyone not bat shit crazy will vote Democrat in November.
AFTER the slaughter – THAT is the time to assess when to undo Citizens United, to re-start the regulatory agencies, and to take back America. The future looks so rosy, and no one seems to see it. SCOTUS changed, due to a Dem Senate and Dem President – probably for the nest 16 years, if not 32. THAT is where Citizens United will be changed. There is precedence, I understand, for undoing SCOTUS decisions (Japanese internment camps).
Stop thinking of the GOP as business and Tea Party. The divorce is just around the corner. They each hate each other now more than they hate Democrats. And their Big Tent – who is going to get the Big Tent? When they split, it won’t matter. When there are three parties – and there will be – the Dems will win elections with 43% (like Bill did) when 43% used to be a loser number. Think of a HUGE majority in the Senate. And the House will not be far behind. 2020 is a re-apportionment and re-districting election. Gerrymandering is being attacked on all sides. In 5-6 years we might even have fairly normal House districts, even. THAT needs civic action, yes!
But the big Kahuna – the split in the GOP – that is up to the Hitler Tea Party and the rich guys who will never have enough voters to control Congress again in my lifetime or yours. Who really votes for parasitic aristocrats? Newt pulled and end around, but it is coming back to stab them in the back.
And it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of parasites and trailer trash.
Hahahaha – who would EVER have thought they could find someone DUMBER than Dubya? And then DUMBER even than Palin?
Trailer trash has no business even THINKING about being in the White House.

. . . Ten years later, all of the present bat shit crazies will be gone.  All the present BizRepugs will be gone.  Both sides will have to deal with being super-minority parties.  No one will pay them no never mind. And the sane citizenry of the USA will have put in place a government that works, a government that doesn’t do the bidding of Wall Street.
. . .It was just as bat shit crazy to think the Wall Streeters could operate without stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down (and half of THAT!).

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