Strange Thoughts on Politics – Is The GOP Screwed?

I have a strange way of thinking.  It’s a mix of optimism, trust, cynicism, naïvete, education, curiosity, logic, open-mindedness, experience, book learning, principles, and – above all – a belief in the innate goodness and generosity of human beings.

Now most of those can be wrapped up in the first one – optimism.  The one that doesn’t, well, I guess you could call that one – cynicism – pessimism”, if you want to.  But you can see at a glance that the optimism outweighs the pessimism.  By quite a bit.

Though I have to deal with the daily world, like everyone has to, I don’t MAINLY do that.  That is just the “next step”, not the direction nor the goal.  When I am walking down the street, I take one step at a time, and that is the “next step”, but my direction is chosen independently of my means of locomotion, and my goal dictates the direction.  My means of locomotion could be a skateboard (not likely) or a taxi or a bike, etc.  Or it could be typing on the keyboard here, in order to get an idea across that I hope might connect with someone else.  In that case the goal is “idea connection”, and the direction is the sentence structure and paragraph construct (making each step go in the same direction, mostly).  Locomotion in this case would be commonly called writing.

The basic thing is to have a long term goal (e.g., idea connection) and a short term means/activity (e.g., writing or teaching or thinking out loud or making a joke), as well as mastering the steps/skills/methods/protocols/code/talent/techniques.  The latter is the steps, and the middle is the direction, and the former is the goal.

Bear with me on this…  It DOES go somewhere… 🙂

Now, what made me think of any of this is that I was talking with a friend today, about US politics.  That was obvious, wasn’t it?  Hahaha

She was worried that Social Security might not be there when she retires in several years.  The GOP and FOX News have repeated so many untrue things so often that people not only begin to believe they MIGHT be rue, but that they almost certainly ARE TRUE.  Thanks, Josef Göbbels, for teaching the mind fuckers of this world that repetition can make people believe all SORTS of things that aren’t necessarily so. Joe, you got HER, anyway, by way of the GOP and its insane mouthpiece, FOX News.  Joe, you screwed up your Germany, and you screwed up America, even though you were long dead by the time Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove and Ronald Reagan and Arthur Laffer twisted the sanity out of the American mind.

Now, all of the Americans didn’t get their minds twisted in the same way.  Some signed on and became drivers of the mind twisting, and some are – like my friend – are more or less innocent bystanders.  The twist drivers get their daily insanity from FOX News, and the innocent bystanders get their insanity third hand, victims of the mind twisters.


Long ago – in the late 1960s, in fact, I saw the twist drivers in their pupal stage, when they were merely fundamental Christians.  Up to a point in time, I had been raised as one of them (kind of).  I say “kind of” because they never won me over, and to be honest, they repelled me, at a very precocious age.  But I’d learned their smell, and their mentally inarticulate way of processing information.  In some circles it is called religion. In other individuals and other manifestations it’s called authoritarianism.  I can only tell you that that way of mental processing was not for me.  I won’t give it any respect by calling it “thinking”, because thinking it is not.  It is, in fact, the OPPOSITE of thinking – anti-thinking, if you want.

Well, I cold spot the anti-thinkers a mile way, and to me their way of doing things was repugnant. It disrespected the individual, and the needs and dseires and goals of the individual.  But most of all, it disrespected the MINDS of the individuals.  It actively SOUGHT to incarcerate the minds of the individuals. It taught them to abdicate self-responsibility and hand it over to Jesus and – especially and particularly – the phony Christian gurus – elders/apostles/preachers/Elmer Gantries of the slimiest kinds.  Authoritarianism and its fraudulent front known as religion did thata to the extreme – convinced the individual to abdicate responsibility for his/her life, to sell out his/her autonomy. They did this by brainwashing them into believing that someone ELSE can make better decisions for them than they can make for themselves.

Well, if you get the weasels and parasites and users on one side, conniving to separate a fool from his money, and on the other side you’ve got people who’ve been taught that they aren’t worth a shit and can’t put 2 and 2 together and get 4, then you’ve got a recipe for human disaster.

And that disaster was – and still is – fundamentalists. It doesn’t matter which part of them you are talking about – the little followers or the plastic phony guru-parasites – they are just the two sides of the same disaster coin.

Well, back in 1969 it was, I was around some of them sometime, and I saw how they were all clones of each other, how they parroted what the guru-parasites spewed at them, and they didn’t have the mental faculties (anymore) to weigh information properly and prudently, and the little followers were by even then incapable of thinking for themselves.  Which is what the phony guru-parasites promised to do for them – in the name of Jeezus! who was going to some day come back and bless their pea-pickin’ by-then-dumb-as-rocks hearts.

And what did I see then?  I was scared shitless of them.  I thought that if these anti-thinkers ever realized the power that they could have if they entered into the political arena, then Yahweh save the USA.  That was my long term thinking then, “PLEASE, oh please, Universe, don’t ever let that happen.”  It was the opposite of what I wanted or saw as healthy for ANYBODY.


Sort of the same thing happened 10 years later, but this time what I saw was a weak, dis-empowered business class.  I saw it in my boss at the time.  I don’t rightly remember the details, but I remember that he said same things that indicated that he felt emasculated in the world, because the still liberal and (trying to be) socialistic trend that still held sway in the USA.  NOTE THE YEAR.

I actually reflected back at that moment about the fundies in 1969, and I again had a cold chill, as I realized – again – that if THOSE people ever banded together, the USA as I knew it was screwed.  I was innocent then about some of politics.  Again, I thought, “PLEASE, oh please, Universe, don’t ever let that happen.”  It was the opposite of what I wanted or saw as healthy for ANYBODY.

Through the 1980s, I observed as Ronald Reagan got up on his pulpit and did his own phony guru-parasite thing, on behalf of his businessmen handlers.  The businessmen had gotten unified, the exact opposite of what I saw as good for the USA and the world.  And thus, Saint Ronnie was born and sanctified.  And thus, the world was turned on its head.  Well, halfway, anyway.  Thank the gods that the Democrats still controlled so much of Congress.  Reagan had signed on and became a driver of the mind twisting.  George H.W. Bush was not wrong when he called Reagan’s financial plan for the USA as “voodoo economics”.  The mind twisting had begun.  The selling out of America had begun.  And those who didn’t buy into it still ended up with it running their country into the ground. They were the innocent bystanders, who watched it all happen and couldn’t affect the outcome.  It sucked for me to see all this happening and not have any capacity to affect the outcome.  America was being sold down the river and the riverboat was pulling away and downriver, with the businessmen rejoicing at what they were going to do to their labor pool.  Their future plantation field hands.  Little did they know that their field hands would be brown-skinned and with epicanthic folds – and that for many of them their wildest dreams about money wee about to unfold.

1994 and The NEWT

Having gotten the businessmen unified against the people, the Republicans still did not have control of Congress.  That couldn’t happen with the business class alone. When they are at the apex of the working world’s pyramid, the ONE thing they don’t have is a majority.  They didn’t want to share that apex; they liked it – that is where the system funnels the MONEY!  But not having a majority sucked for them, because Congress and state houses worked on the principle of majority rule.  They needed a way to maneuver a majority… HOW OH HOW COULD THEY POSSIBLY WANGLE THAT?

Another saint came along, Saint Newt, of Gingrich, with the solution.  He saw (somehow) that the USA had a great number of people who believed in authority.  Who believed that when Jesus said “JUMP!” they would ask, “How high, oh Lord?”  He saw – like I did 23 years earlier, that there was a monolithic block of votes that existed, of people who thought alike (if you could call it thinking). The problem was that many of them were so wrapped up in that OTHER authoritarian mind twist – religion – that they often forgot to do their duty as red-blooded Americans, to get out and vote.  He had to figure out how to get the red-blooded Americans to vote and wor hard for the blue-blooded Americans.

The problem was that the fundies had nothing in common with the blue-bloods.  So, Newt did what any right-minded drier of mental twistedness wold do – he sold them a bill of goods.  Newt sold them on the idea that the business class agreed with them on things like abortion and gays and the military and cops. He did what any outnumbered warrior would do – he looked around for the enemies of his enemy.

In Cortez’s day, in the 1500s, the enemies of his enemy (the Aztecs) were the Tlaxcalans, and Cortez maneuvered to team up with them to defeat the Aztecs.  After he found enough other subjugated  indigenous groups, Cortez had enough to take down Moctezuma.  And Latin America was born.  Simlraly Pizrro did the same in Peru and – with a little help from some very numerous “enemies of his enemy” – Pizarro dethroned the high Inca.

Saint Newt set upon bringing the fundies into the political process.  By playing the “we are an the same side” card.  Oh, did THAT work out well!  In the sort term.

Remember that I think primarily in the long term?  Remember that I knew the fundies and how they think?  (Anti-think, actually…)  Yep.  As soon as I got wind of that, I immediately shook my head and thought, “Ohmygod, Newt, what did you DO?”

You see, Newt had made a Faustian bargain.  He had sold his party’s soul to the devil.  YES, it worked.  What was it I said about the long term?  About the short term?  I knew that the fundies entering the political arena had changed EVERYTHING.  Newt didn’t.  The GOP didn’t.  Hell, they thought Newt was a freaking GENIUS!  The Dems didn’t know what hit them.  It was a sea change in politics.  Yep, it was Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Katrina, all rolled up in one.  And from 1993 to about 2000, the GOP was in the eye of the storm, thinking, “Hey, this ain’t so bad! We can deal with this!”

But the interest rate, Newt – THE INTEREST RATE!  Wait until the bill comes due, Dude!  The even had Karl Rove, reaching out via mailing lists, doing what phony gurus-parasites do to the little minds – he told them what to think.  Oh, it as glorious.

While it lasted.

Oh, Faust, ye of little brains…

Making My Flesh Crawl

As long as the GOP could sell the fundies on the Karl Rove talking-thinking points when election time came around, the GOP was happy as a county full of larks, counting the ways their coalition was working out for them.  They pulled out all the stops at election time, hollering an screaming – everything the fundies wanted to hear.  Abortion!  Gay marriage!  Pointy-headed liberal elites from the East!  Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!

During those years I could only shake my head at how fucking STUPID the fundies were.  They were being used and used and used, to win election after election.  To take over this state house and overthrow this liberal Congressman and THAT liberal Senator.  The business people even put up one of their own and told him to lay the dumb hick, so that they could see that one of their own – FORREST GUMP! – had made it to the White House.  And, damned if they din’t get the House and Senate, too!  Ohmygod, the GOP handlers (drivers of mental twistedness) never had it so good.  And the really MONUMENTALLY STUPID THING WAS THIS:

The fundies were completely forgotten, the day after each election. NONE of their issues was put on the table in Congress.  Everything was done to favor the businessmen.  The businessmen, with the Newt Congress, had eviscerated the rules, and business after business closed up shop in America and re-opened in China. Or they closed up shop and simply BOUGHT from China.  The fundies were losing jobs right and left, and George W Bush told them all to go get training for new jobs.  How is that working for you, all you fundies?

The fundies did their part – they were voting against the gay-lovers and the baby-killers.  But what they weren’t seeing – YET – was that they were voting against their own self-interests.


Well, it couldn’t last forever.  Mephistopheles had a twist to his deal with Faust.

Oh, Newt got out while the getting was good.  But, WOW, he left the GOP holding the IOU.

[I am probably oversimplifying this next part, but the gist f it is basically what I see as fact.]

Well, sooner or later, someone among the fundies had to wake up to the not-getting-anything-out-of-the-bargain thing.  They began to talk among them selves at rallies and in bars and at rodeos or whatever, and they questioned what was going on.  WHY were the Republicans always putting up one of THEIR guys to stand for election? Where were the fundamentalist candidates?

Did anyone ELSE notice how the Tea party spring up, seemingly out of nowhere, and seemingly overnight?  You know, that isn’t so hard to do, when you’ve got millions of people who are parroting clones of each other. The fundies had EVERYTHING in common with each other – and intrinsically nothing at all in common with the “business GOP” (as they are called in some circles now).  The two were oil and water.  The slimy oil (the business GOP) was a thin film floating on top of a sea of water (the fundies) and not mixing one iota.

Newt forgot to stir the pot and get it all to mix.  Not that it could – not for long. On February 24, 2009, on CNBC, the day and place the Ta Party was born, Rick Santelli went crazy on President Obama, saying among other things, “…that the government should ‘reward people that can carry the water instead of drink the water.”

Oh, so CLOSE to drinking the Kool-Aid!  And DID they drink the Kool-Aid. Thus was the Kool-Aid dispensed, on that holy day, when Jesus himself came down from a cloud and enraptured Santelli and put such words in his mouth. Santelli then threatened to “make them roll over in their graves!”  Perhaps truer words were never spoken.  The GOP was dying, from that moment on.

15 years.  That is how long the coalition – the deal with the Devil – lived, before the beginning of the end.  Beginning in 2010, the Ta Party began to offer up their own candidates. It didn’t take long before – like Santelli – they began to bully. They’d been used, and by damned, they weren’t going to take it anymore!

The ONE thing that the Tea Party had in common with the FOunding Fathers was the feeling of being disenfranchised – sort of like taxation without representation.  No fundies had yet been candidates in a general election, not to speak of, anyway.  In 2010 the GOP started the slippery slide – the slide to lose their party – to “white trash”.  Their words, not mine.  White trash became the new normal.

As lines were drawn, one by one, business GOP candidates began losing out in primary elections to Tea Party white trash/fundies.  The inmates were taking over the asylum, or bust.  The business GOP hadn’t figured that not everybody among the fundies had a vacuum between his ears.  Once the Tea Party got moving it was like the support in the Democratic Party for Barack Obama in 2007 and Bernie Sanders in 2015.

The day after the 2012 election, after Mitt Romney had forgotten to count the Electoral College votes which had said all along that he had no chance (he didn’t), their were repercussions right and left among the business GOP.  They had put an idiot up for the White House for the third time in three elections.  And that third candidate had tried to suck up to the Tea Party, and all it did was make him look even stupider and less attractive to independent voters and Hispanics and women.  I looked at the disarray and the rending of cloth and saw pretty much what I had seen clearly in 1994, when Newt had forged the Faustian deal with the fundies.  That coalition simply could not hold together, with neither side wanting to do what the other side wanted to do.  White trash/fundies want one thing, and businessmen want something completely different.  The white trash/fundies/Tea Parrty is basically like the Taliban – eager to topple Buddha statues and herd chador-wearing/church-lady-clothed wives into the kitchen, pregnant and barefoot, to serve their husbands meatloaf like God intended.  Or so they say. And they hooked up with Gstaadt-wintering 1%ers, and THAT was supposed to work?  Even God doesn’t have THAT much sense of humor – but evidently Mephistopheles does.

The Future

So, yes, the lunatics have taken over the asylum, and where is Jack Nicholson when you need him?  Oh, yeah, he is being channeled by Donald Trump – and every other Republican candidate.  Monte Python’s Silly Party didn’t even need to petition for ballot access – they only had to steal a party, the Republican Party.

But NOW, what will the business Republicans DO?  Out of 16 candidate for the White House, I wear 20 of them are Tea Partiers.  Hell, their only qualification is that they are Tea Partiers, and by DAMNED! the Tea Part y is going to run the GOP!  Just ask any of them.  The business GOP?  The few that are left – they have no clue what do do.  The didn’t bargain for this, and there is no do-overs in the story o Faust – don’t any of them KNOW that?

WHERE IS THE NEW NEWT?  Where is the Great Undoer?  They must be having some hellacious nightmares…

And it isn’t like this is only happening at the Presidential Debate level, either. These white trash/fundies have infested state houses from sea to shining sea.

They are insistent on installing a Puritanical, official religion upon America. Ask Ted Cruz and his Southern Baptist preacher daddy about that one.  Not that the other fundies would ever NOT go for that.

They have been told by their drivers of mental twistedness that The Founding Fathers built the United States as a Christian ONLY society and nation and government.  This in spite of the Constitution and the history surrounding it. But never confuse a twisted mind by telling them inconvenient facts.  Why not? You would be wasting your breath, as they used to say.  And I do say that.

If the business GOP lasts another 3 cycles with any business Republicans in it, I will be the most surprised person on the planet. The progress of the cancer called the Tea Party has no concern over whether the body of the Republican Party dies or not. It needs to replicate and feed off the body.  It is bound and determined to oust every last one of the users – the 1%ers, no matter how dead the Party gets.


Thinking Americans (of whom MANY MILLIONS still exist!) can’t believe what they are seeing.  A common thought seems to be, “Oh Gawd, this is terrible. Nothing like this has ever happened before!”  Except that it HAS.

England had the Roundheads.  Scotland had its Enlightenment. Rmemeber the Puritans? The Salem witch trials?  Then there was China with the Cult of Personality and the Red Guard.  And don’t forget the Bosheviks who stole the former Empire in a coup from the democratic government that had ousted the Tsar 8 months earlier.  (NO, the Bolsheviks did not oust the Tsar.)  But even the Bolsheviks weren’t as bad as the crazy egocentric, Stalin.  And the worst of all, that might have been Hitler himself, who played possum until he was handed the Chancellorship, and then intimidated the German leaders into submission (with a false flag operation at the Reichstag to help “convince” the already timid into complete capitulation).

Yes, having researched the Germans from 1914 until the war and its end, especially the (unknown n the USA) period known as the German Revolution, I can tell you I see a LOT of equivalences between the Tea Party and the Freikorp and the Brown Shirts, the Stürmabtailung.  It can’t happen HERE?  Don’t kid yourself. Germany had such a HUGE reputation for being SO civilized internally (in spite of their war machine).  All it would take is a draft Rush Limbaugh movement, and we could see a Reichstag fire of our own.


But I think it is much more likely that the Tea Party will sweep the 1%ers out of the GOP, leaving one of two realities.  One is that the 1%ers will try to form their own party – perhaps simply steal a party of their own, say, the Libertarian Party, which, with funding could be ballot-worthy in 50 states in a very short time.  The second is that the 1%ers shift to the Democratic Party BEFORE they lose their party entirely.  That last SOUNDS weird, I know, but there really aren’t a lot of options for those who used to run the GOP.  As they lose more and more control over things, they will be FORCED to make some decision that they never thought they’d ever have to do.

Either way, the Tea Party will lose badly, badly, BADLY at the national level. True independents won’t vote for them in any numbers, leaving the indies to the Dems.  If the Right vote is split, it seems VERY likely that it will be a long time before the Right wins anything important in any but the Reddest of states. Combined, the Tea Party and the 1%ers have, supposedly about 45-50% of the voters.  Split up in a three-party race for the non-crazy-Red state high offices, the Dems SHOULD sweep into power at the Federal level like hasn’t been seen since FDR.

The Powell Memo laid out a roadmap for the Right to re-take the USA, its institutions and its government.  This specifically included the White Houes, the Congress, the state houses, the colleges, the Supreme Court, and all courts below that.  It laid out how dedicated and unified they all had to be, to make it work. With the election of George W Bush in 2000 and the GOP winning both houses of Congress, they thought they had finally put in place everything they had longed for.  With Bush’s election, they planned to finish off the last of the hated New Deal programs (Social Security). Unfortunately Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont was so incensed at their dicatting his votes, that in June of 2001, he declared himself an Independent who was caucusing with the Democrats, and it was the only time in US history, really, that one vote changed everything – because the very next day, the GOP lost all of its Senate Committee chairmanships and NUMBERS on the committees. It was a one-man coupe d’etat.  With Bush’s RE-election in 2004, he floated the Social Security death, and he lost so much support that the rest of his term was a wasted time.

At the present time the death of SS is a non-reality, and with the 1%ers losing control of the GOP, that is the last thing on their minds – no matter what the Tea Partiers in Congress yammer on about it.  Once the 1%ers are ousted completely, the Tea Partiers will have their OWN agendas.  But if anyone thinks that government is completely stalled NOW, they have no idea what being stalled IS.

But the Tea Party-owned GOP – if they pull it off (and I think the 16 crazies in the Republican debates shows that they essentially are knocking on that door) doesn’t stand a chance in HELL of controlling the Congress or getting someone elected President.  Either in 12016 or 2020, the Dems will have a filibuster-proof Senate and a huge majority in the House, plus the White House for perhaps until 2032 or beyond.

And what does that mean? First and foremost, Hillary or her successor will name 2 to 4 new Supreme Court Justices.  Scalia, Kennedy, Ginsburg and Breyer – perhaps will die or retire during her term or the next, which increasingly looks like will be a Democrat.  If at those moments the Senate happens to be Republican controlled (it won’t be), then what is left of the GOP in the Senate will block any nominees.  If so, then those seats will remain vacant and the SCOTUS will operate with as few as 5 members.   (Will the US voters tolerate THAT out of the GOP?) If they ever accept Hillary’s nominees, the court will be liberal for the foreseeable future.  But they will lose the Senate in 2016.  Where will that put things?  Well, Hillary will at least be able to get her nominees through committee.  The time the next Republican is in the White House, it will NOT be a Tea Partier.  That person would simply not get the Electoral votes.  Period.

The Republican Party was fucked, the minute the Tea Partiers decided to exist. The Faustian bargain of Newt Gingrich created a chimera, and the daemon that arose from it is going to devour the Party.  I will be VERY surprised if the Party continues to exist as we know it.  I only wonder where the 1%ers are going to go – to a third party? Or join with the Dems?

Everything depends on that choice.  But neither is good for the GOP.  As the Te Party GOP, they may become so eviscerated and powerless that they may, indeed, cease to exist.  If all that (now allowed) corporate PAC money swings over to the Dem-GOP Party, the Tea Party-GOP will be screwed.


It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of psychotic white trash fundies.  How’s that for optimism – that the GOP may destroy itself?


5 responses to “Strange Thoughts on Politics – Is The GOP Screwed?

  1. I don’t know why but I always thought you were probably conservative. It probably had to do with the fact most of people who frequent WUWT and have skepticism about global warming are pretty far to the right.

    You have more optimism about Democratic prospects than I do. Republicans have gerrymandered the electorate in such a way that Democrats can get more votes in the House races nationwide and still end up significantly in the minority in the House. That can’t possibly be fixed until after 2020. Then you have the Senate problem where every state gets two but Democratic votes are heavily concentrated in the few populous states with urban areas. Republicans can maintain a significant presence in the Senate just by keeping the rural states.

    That only leaves the Presidency where Democrats might have an advantage.

    I don’t know where the Tea Party and the crazies go if they lose that again, especially to Hillary.

    I’m afraid there is only one place – coup. They are slowly building up to that with their talk of Second Amendment remedies, secession, and the constant thread of impeachment. An Alabama congressman suggested that if Hilary was elected she might be impeached on the first day of office. It would be astonishing easy to pull off a coup – get rid of the President and Vice President and the Speaker of House becomes President. The only thing lacking is for the crazies to convince themselves that they must do it to save the country.

  2. James – Yeah, about WUWT. I know I am in the minority there, and they are all actually pretty respectful and open-minded to having liberal types there. It has come up in comments, and then quite a few liberals come out, and the others coice support for us, even.

    I LIKE WUWT, because dammit, they keep on putting real quantified science things up. There are so many R code writers that they all double check each other’s work, and it’s pretty solid things that get put on there.

    And Anthony Watts is pretty open-minded himself. The site is 98% climate skepticism, but he is enamored of the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis and gives it plenty of air time,, for which I am happy and even more respectful.

    I myself am just interested in getting the science right, somewhere along the line. And my long term Spidey-sense tells me that we WILL someday.

    In the same vein, that Spidey-sense also tells me that humans will some day devise a perfect – or at least perfectly functional – form of government some day. We are only 240 years after the founding of the USA and its ad hoc Constitution. And we are only 100 years since the monarchies in Europe fell like flies from World War I. So, I don’t EXPECT us to get it right ins such a short time.

    (Just like I don’t EXPECT us to be able to know what is happening with climate in such a short time. 75 years ago not many meteorological stations existed outside western Europe and the USA. Trying to reconstruct the past climate is a real difficult task, and fraught with many shortcomings. Michael Mann’s reconstruction is total CRAP, because of the made-up manipulations he incorporated, and which Steve McIntyre busted him on.)

    We are also only 350 years into the science age, so I fully expect that many of the things we currently think we have right will be proven wrong eventually, and not necessarily only in small ways. There is a “modern is smarter” hubris that looks down its nose at earlier science – but in 100 years OURS will have so many things that are wrong, so we don’t have any room to talk.

  3. I think in politics the eventual best way will be some form of socialism or Marxism, perhaps mixed together.

    The stalemate in Congress certainly shows us some of the weaknesses of bicameral legislature. FEW countries have that.

    The Senate is a useless legislative body and totally superfluous. I think it was Madison who came up with the Senate, because (a I think I heard) the little states were stonewalling the Constitutional Convention because they thought they were going to get pushed all around by the more populous states. So he came up with an ad hoc fix – give them a body with equal state representation. BAD IDEA. Oh, they thought about these things a LOT, and saw so many flaws and ways the system could get manipulated and scammed, and they tried to address them all.

    I think a Parliamentary system is better. One legislative body. Its head is the voted in MP whose party has the majority. If none have a majority, then (temporary) coalitions are made, in order to form a functioning government. The fact that the PM has a majority in Parliament – by rule – it means that the legislative body is not an opposition party. Stalemates are not going to be possible by an opposing party that could be able to stonewall every bill. His opposition is in the minority. Also, with one legislative body, things don’t have to be run through the OTHER body – within the same two year period – in order to become law.

    In addition, they have the Vote of No Confidence – a vote which, if the PM fails to carry, it triggers a new election, within a specified number of WEEKS. IOW, they are not necessarily stuck with a leader till the end of his term in office, if they don’t want him. I LOVE THAT.

  4. Pingback: No Duh… We Are in the Midst of Seeing a Party Get Hijacked | Feet2TheFire and his bloggie thingie

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