Looking Into Resveretrol a Bit

Let’s see if I can present this in an intelligible way…

The pertinent research papers and passages are linked of presented at the end of this post.


About 2 years ago someone in a nearby town asked me to pick up some resveretrol while in the US and bring it back for her.  At the time I looked it up and it looked like she wanted it for its skin benefits.  No problem.  I picked it up, but then she never came and got it, so it sat on my bathroom shelf for almost 2 years.

Getting a little on with age and having fairly good skin tone myself, one day I thought it might be good to look into the info on resveretrol again.  Why not use something if it might help?   I’d spent the money, after all.  So, online I went.

I found assertions that resveretrol was tested in mice and helped them avoid diabetes and helped them live longer.  Okay, that isn’t too bad.  It also said that some research and found out more of interest to males of my age. Some of the actual scientific research clearly found benefits to male erectile function and sperm counts.  This was just about the very first thing I found out about resveretrol, so along with the purported longevity claims, it raised an eyebrow or two.

Now I assure you that guys my age do not necessarily want high sperm counts. We certainly don’t go around perusing scientific journals to find out what the latest sperm booster is….LOL


I am NOT an exhibitionist.  Nor do I want to blab my sex life to everyone on Earth.  So it takes a bit of guts for me to talk about this stuff.

It turned out that the amount of resveretrol that I’d bought and the amount needed to see if anything could happen were just about the same.  That first research article made the assertions that 1000mg per day for 30 days produced results.  I’d happened to buy 60 capsules of 500 mg.  Perfect!  Let’s run a little anecdotal experiment on myself!  I’d heard no bad side effects, and I am in very good physical health, so I thought one month couldn’t hurt.  And who knows? It might actually help!

I’ve had bad experiences on some occasions, listening to New Age folks and their home remedies.  But then again, I’d had good results sometimes, too.

So, I began taking 2 of the 500 mg capsules of the resveretrol every day, and I missed a day about once a week.  I ended up with about 4 days left at the end which I ended up finishing off.


Somewhere about Day 10 or Day 15 (I really wasn’t counting) the erectile benefits started to show up, gradually.  That was actually unexpected!  By the start of the 4th week it was certainly taking affect as the research had asserted. Erections happened more readily, they were more erect, plus erections lasted longer.  I would say it was like going back a decade, maybe two or three.

Am I bullshitting myself?  At this moment I don’t know.  I would put in a good plug for resveretrol at this time if someone asked me to.  But I would reserve the right to rescind that plug at any time.  Who knows if the effects continue or not?

Comparing the effects to Viagra, I would put the effects of resveretrol at a higher level than Viagra (which I’ve tried only 4 times), at least at the end of the 30 days.  With the side effects of Viagra, anything that comes close is to me a good thing, especially if there are no side effects.


I live in central Mexico, and the availability of resveretrol here is not good at all. That is why the women in the nearby city had asked me to pick some up, after all.  Unlike her, resveretrol is certainly available in my town. (I had not really checked before my US trip.)  However, the cost for 1000 mg per day is prohibitive.  GNC wanted something like 980 pesos (about $70 US) for about a 1 week supply.  That was by far the worst, but the other prices were not attractive, either – about $25 US per week.  I’d only paid $11.98 for the initial bottle of resveretrol at a Walgreens outside Chicago – the bottle that lasted a month.  I’ve been waiting for someone else to be traveling up north (and back) for quite some time now, and finally have been able to buy more.

So, with NO resveretrol, what happened?  My erectile magic lessened and lessened.


I am not going to go into the history of resveretrol here, but you the reader should be aware that some people have said that the hype and research about resveretrol’s health benefits are fraudulent.  In response one of the researchers even filed suit claiming libel.

NONE of the claims being challenged had to do with male sex organs or male sexual performance, so this post is a bit skewed from all of that.  I have not even SEEN anyone touting resveretrol as an erectile problem solver.  I found all that out directly from the medical journal paper.  And today I found two more that tie resveretrol in with male sex organs.

I currently have more resveretrol on order, enough for 1-1/2 years.  The cost was not high, and I am willing to check it our more.  I can’t say with certainty right now if it works longer term or if it is just a flash in the pan, that 30-day trial of mine.  Of course, even if it DOES pan out for me, that doesn’t make it so for every man.



It comes from the skin of red grapes.  How they squeeze it out, I don’t know. I haven’t looked into it that far. Based on the various online ads, the capsules seem to have some variations of nutritional adders, besides the usual fillers. As far as I know, the grape skins is it, though some say that nuts also have resveretrol.  In the shells? In the pits?  I don’t know.  I will do some research on that in the future, if this stays a topic of interest for me.

*** Below here are the sources for what I based my little self-experiment on.  The reader is invited to read on, but it might get a bit complex or confusing.  I am including clarifications – in [ ] brackets; hopefully they help.


Abstracts are summaries that precede academic papers, telling what the researchers were doing and why, and what they found out.  abstracts do not include detail, but they tell most of what is needed to know for most readers.

PAPER #1 – Shin S et al. (2008) trans-Resveratrol relaxes the corpus cavernosum ex vivo and enhances testosterone levels and sperm quality in vivo.

We examined the effects of trans-resveratrol on male reproductive functions; ex-vivo [meaning not still alive] penile erection and in-vivo [still in living animals] sperm counts and quality. For the ex-vivo study, the relaxation effects of resveratrol on isolated New Zealand white rabbit corpus cavernosum [the tissue that makes a male’s penis erect], precontracted by phenylephrine (5×10(-5) M) were measured. The in-vivo study measured reproductive organ weights, blood testosterone levels, testicular histopathology [referring to the microscopic examination of tissue in order to study the manifestations of disease], sperm counts, as well as the epididymal [having to do with the epididymis, an elongated organ on the posterior surface of a testis that stores sperm while they mature] sperm motility [ability to move spontaneously] and deformity of male ICR mice [research mice] given an oral dose of resveratrol (50 mg/ kg) for 28 days.

Resveratrol elicited a concentration-dependent relaxing effect on corpus cavernosum, leading to a median effective concentration (EC50) of 0.29 mg/mL. Repeated treatment with resveratrol (50 mg/kg) did not cause an increase in body weight, reproductive organ weight or testicular microscopic findings; however, resveratrol did elicit an increase in blood testosterone concentration, testicular sperm counts and epididymal sperm motility by 51.6%, 15.8% and 23.3%, respectively, without influence on sperm deformity.

In conclusion, we propose that resveratrol has a positive effect on male reproductive function by triggering a penile erection, as well as enhancing blood testosterone levels, testicular sperm counts, and epididymal sperm motility.

[This paper really surprised me.  I was only looking for how resveretrol might help longevity at the cellular level or help my skin.]

PAPER #2 – ELEAW et al. Resveratrol reverses cadmium chloride-induced testicular damage and subfertility by downregulating p53 and Bax and upregulating gonadotropins and Bcl-2 gene expression.

[Cadmium chloride – CdCl2 is an identified toxin for male testes.]

This study was performed to investigate the protective and therapeutic effects of resveratrol (RES) against CdCl2-induced toxicity in rat testes. Seven experimental groups of adult male rats were formulated as follows: A) controls+NS, B) control+vehicle (saline solution of hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin), C) RES treated, D) CdCl2+NS, E) CdCl2+vehicle, F) RES followed by CdCl2 and M) CdCl2 followed by RES. At the end of the protocol, serum levels of FSH, LH and testosterone were measured in all groups, and testicular levels of TBARS and superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity were measured. Epididymal semen analysis was performed, and testicular expression of Bcl-2, p53 and Bax was assessed by RT-PCR. Also, histopathological changes of the testes were examined microscopically. [All the previous is technical stuff mostly over my head, but basically saying how they tested.]  Administration of RES before or after cadmium chloride in rats improved semen parameters including count, motility, daily sperm production and morphology, increased serum concentrations of gonadotropins and testosterone, decreased testicular lipid peroxidation and increased SOD activity. RES not only attenuated cadmium chloride-induced testicular histopathology [see above for definition] but was also able to protect against the onset of cadmium chloride testicular toxicity. Cadmium chloride downregulated the anti-apoptotic gene Bcl2 and upregulated the expression of pro-apoptotic genes p53 and Bax. Resveratrol protected against and partially reversed cadmium chloride testicular toxicity via upregulation of Bcl2 and downregulation of p53 and Bax gene expression. The antioxidant activity of RES protects against cadmium chloride testicular toxicity and partially reverses its effect via upregulation of BCl2 and downregulation of p53 and Bax expression.

Photomicrographs of epididymal sperms obtained from rats in all groups. The images show increased total abnormalities including tail coiling (long arrow), absence of head (arrowhead), and absence of tail in sperm (short arrow) from CdCl2-intoxicated rats that received normal saline or vehicle (D and E, respectively) and normal abnormalities in all other groups.

[Here, too, is something outside any of my expectations. Resveretrol seems to help protect the testes from one of the toxins the testes are subject to be negatively affected by.]

Overall, I think I am happily surprised at resveretrol. I will post significant updates later.


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