Making The NSA Spying On Us Even WORSE

Today, per the BBC: Obama Orders Curbs on Use if NSA Info

This is abysmally pathetic:

Senior officials tell the US media the centrepiece of the reforms will be the order to stop the NSA from storing information about Americans’ phone calls.

Storage of the data will instead fall to firms or another third party where it can be queried under limited conditions.

What the hell difference does that make?

The NSA is STILL spying illegally on Americans.  So nothing has changed there.  Its charter is to spy on other nations, and nothing in that charter violates our rights under the 4th Amendment, so I do not complain about that side of this.  However, the NSA charter DOES specifically prohibit it from spying on Americans, especially on American soil.

The only difference in this proposal is the storage – that they are going to PRIVATIZE THAT, of all things?  PRIVATIZE??!!  And that is supposed to make it all better?  That will even be WORSE!

It sounds like Dick Cheney must have been telling Obama what to do.

They propose intercepting it all just as before, and then giving Xe (Blackwater) or Halliburton control over the stuff?  Holy mother of God, do they think we are STUPID?

I trust the NSA – which has no guns – a lot more than I would ever trust those mass murders.

On this basis alone, I utterly and roundly reject this so-called “fix.”

Edward Snowden is probably laughing his ASS OFF.  HE was a private contractor, remember, so basically nothing has changed.  The private contractors will still be on the inside, just like before.  The “private” librarians/keepers of our private information might even be in the same physical offices as the NSA, just like before.  An NSA snoop might only have to lean over into another cubicle and ask its neighbor.


If anything, this makes it all ten times as odious as before.

NONE of this addresses the constitutional issues.

The 4th Amendment is still being violated en masse.


It is not the listening that is the threat!  It is what is DONE with the information AFTER gathering it.  And THAT part of the process they are going to give over to Halliburton or Xe (Blackwater)?????????

Once again, Halliburton and their ilk take advantage of a crisis to steal MORE of our government from us.

“We are beyond the Looking Glass, People.”


2 responses to “Making The NSA Spying On Us Even WORSE

  1. Steve, darling boy, the NSA has been sending all its information on everyone to the Zionist State Of Israel for years. Do you feel warm and fuzzy yet? Ha!

  2. ” Holy mother of God, do they think we are STUPID?”
    Uh, no; they don’t THINK we’re stupid, they know for sure that the vast majority of Americans ARE stupid! (And Peter, you know, of course, that Israel gets the UNedited files!) That ‘warm’ you mention is the laser guidance beam! {frown}

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