The ironic part of all this is that the NSA was probably tapping Edward Snowden’s phone, right along with the rest of ours – and yet they never discovered what he was doing.

It kind of makes you think they are a bunch of numb nuts, a bunch of doofuses, doesn’t it?  The NSA that couldn’t shoot straight? Or who couldn’t listen straight?

Add that to the missed clues on 9/11 – or the JFK murder, or all the other ACTUAL spies like Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen – and you have an intelligence community that is probably wasting our money playing at James Bond and at being Our Man Flint.

Aldrich Ames – got away with spying for years, right under the nose of the CIA

Robert Hanssen – same story as Ames: No one suspected what he was doing for a very long time 

But are they really more like Inspector Clouseau or like Inspector Gadget?  Are they actually a bunch of klutzes stumbling and muddling through?

It may be the biggest joke of all that we may not really have anything to worry about the NSA program at all.  The NSA is almost certainly drowning in data – or WILL be very soon.  If they couldn’t deal with the “intelligence” before, why would we expect them to be any better at it now, just because they have MORE?  Isn’t that a bigger haystack in which to find needles?

Yes, they may have better, more powerful magnets with which to find needles – but are all needles magnetic?  And what if the hay is magnetic, too?  The available evidence is that they far too often are caught with their pants down and only close the barn door after the horses have all escaped – after the damage has already been done.

I am not joking.  All of us who think that the NSA and CIA dudes are these super Men in Black experts are seriously overrating these numbskulls.  You wonder if, even with all that money spent, any one of them or group of them can walk and chew gum at the same time when it comes to doing what we pay them to do. Their lack of competency is almost certainly a big part of what they are covering up, with all their secrecy.

Again, I do not joke about this.  Do not make the common error of thinking that they actually are good at what they do.  You don’t have to look far to see how lousy they all really are at what they do.  We give them respect they haven’t ever really earned.  It’s all so hush-hush that we nor our Congressmen can ever assess their competency.

Remember, this is the intelligence community that couldn’t keep track of the 9/11 perps even though they knew many of them – and the important ones – were here.  So much of THAT was due to bureaucracy overriding the common sense of a few eager agents doing their job right.  Do we have ANY reason to believe that things have materially changed since then?  The Patriot Act? Changes to the FISA court?  MORE BUREAUCRACY?  That was to be the cure, when it was the top-loaded bureaucracy that failed right and left?  Then add in MORE INTEL…

We have only their word for it that they have “stopped X number of terrorist actions.”  Like the stuff Snowden exposed, we aren’t allowed to know what was in those cases, either.

They lie to Congress, they lie to us the citizenry, and they lie to all of themselves – collectively and personally inwardly, too.  They have only delusional gung-ho attitudes and fraudulent kick-ass pomposity – and a curtain of secrecy to hide behind.

Yes, they are, collectively The Man Behind The Curtain.  It’s all bluff and hyperbole, and we swallow it hook line and sinker, like believing that being handed a pocket watch means we have a beating heart. And for decades we have gotten to pay more for that than we have been or ever will be spending for medical care – even if it is for 100% of us.

They are buffoons all – or enough to make them as ineffective as the Chicago Bears 2013 defense.  Sorry, Bears – no offense intended…  Not when it comes to defense…

REALLY: They never saw Snowden coming, when he was right under their noses.  Nor Bradley Manning.  Nor Ames or Aldrich.  People operating with impunity, right in plain sight, with their amateurish cloak-and-dagger being their only protection against discovery.  You hear the stories of how they got caught, and it never was about good spy detecting; it was always just dumb luck.  At several hundred billions of dollars a year, they have to depend on tripping over a spy or reading it in The Guardian that some of their documents are no longer exactly secret anymore.  No matter HOW much vetting for their security clearances, the powers that be in the NSA and CIA failed to weed out any of the real spies.

Yes, they try, and I am sure they try valiantly and earnestly.  But the best-laid plans “Gang aft agley” – oft go awry.

So, with such a record, do we really need to fear those dodos?

The more you think about it, the more you have to feel like Chief Inspector Dreyfus.  But hopefully without the twitch. . .


  1. Well, maybe.

    Actually it is really hard to tell because we are only likely to hear about the failures. They are not going to bat 1000. Even if they bat 400 that means more failures than successes. They might be batting 800 or 900 but still that would leave a lot of failures. It is not like building a bridge where you expect the bridge to stay up every time (but even that doesn’t always happen).

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