The Simple Fix For the Republicans, vis-a-vis the Tea Party

The simple fix is for the GOP is to to just toss the Tea Party folks out of the Party altogether.  If it takes a litmus test or a loyalty oath, whatever.

The Tea Partiers have hijacked the GOP, and yes, only the GOP can repair the damage. But they’d better do it soon, before it is too late. If the Tea Party gets TOO big before then, it may be the Tea Parties throwing the GOP out of the GOP.

However, the GOP isn’t about to toss out the Tea Party, because then the Tea Party will instantly become a viable 3rd party, and with the conservative vote sure to be split between the two, the Democrats would clean up in almost all national elections, if not 90% of the state legislatures, too.

THAT the GOP is not ever going to be willing to do, though.  (See the end of this post…)

If the Tear Party take over the GOP completely, would THEY throw out the old-guard GOP?

My first thought on that is, “Frankly, my Dear, I don’t give a damn!”  But in reality, I do give a damn.  I would WANT the two to go their separate ways, certainly.  I would WANT them to shoot the entire dysfunctional family in the foot.  And in the temple.  And in the soul that we know at least one of them doesn’t have.

The old adage, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” – has ANY group run with that, and with it tied in with some 3rd entity, and NOT self-destructed in the process?

The GOP has only themselves to blame.  And it precedes them tying in with the Tea Party.  And before tying in with the Evangelicals.  It begins with having a core belief system that is so undemocratic that THEY CANNOT WIN AN ELECTION ON THEIR OWN.  The GOP MUST have a coalition.  In fact, it’s gone unnoticed, but the GOP IS a coalition.

That is their main flaw, the one that was always going to destroy them:  Their philosophy is a MINORITY philosophy, and as such it is never going to be accepted by enough voters – not in its native state.  Thus their need to sleep with criminals and crazies and cultists.

NO ONE is too weird, too ugly, too infected, for the GOP to sleep with.

The Democrats, then, are their (main) enemy, the one the GOP need allies against.  And one by one the GOP has aligned with – contracted with – different incarnations of the Devil.  They’ve HAD to.  How else are they ever going to win any elections?  Why do you think they need perverts like Karl Rove to do their planning?

But in doing so, they have gotten their just rewards – the threat of their very existence.  The Shutdown?  The destruction of the USA?  THOSE the Tea Party had in mind all along – and yet the GOP slept with them.  The takeover of the GOP was just the means to an end.

The tail is wagging the dog, and now the only thing to do is to kill the dog itself… and hope the tail dies, too.

Keeping the Tea Party in the GOP will just prolong the agony.

Hell, the BEST thing the GOP can do is to join the Democratic Party.

The Democrats are old-style Republicans, anyway!

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