And now for something completely different. . .

On Valentine’s Day of all days, my daughter and her husband added a set of three girls to the 7 billion folks inhabiting this Big blue round activity place.

I had pleaded with her to please wait until Leap Year Day, but she – carrying in then end over 12 pounds of little buggers told me, of all people, to bugger off and stick my idea where our neighborhood star doesn’t shine.  I mean, what’s 15 days between father and daughter, anyway? [Pics below the fold…]

The babes all made for the exit, thanks to a scalpel.  They made for the first opening they saw, and then they got busted for the breakout – put into straight jackets to pretty much protect themselves against their own selves, in case they did something erratic.  You can never tell with these new immigrants.

Somehow they must have gotten into the hospital’s drug cabinet or something, because they were pretty much out of it for a few days.  But one by one they came back down to Earth and were released to my daughter, but promptly put under close supervision, once each was taken to the Big House.  I am not sure when their court date is.  You’d think that new immigrants would have better judgment than to get into so much hot water so soon…

Well, here are the mug shots.  A motley crew if ever there was one…

Savannah born 2/14/2012 17:44

Fiona born 2/14/2012 17:45

Addison born 2/14/2012 17:46

They spend most of their time behind bars.

Here they got some time out for good behavior and all they did was sit hanging around, looking for new ways to get into more trouble.  Addison, on the right is the look out.  You can see she takes her job seriously.  She spotted the big cheese, Gavin, and is making sure he doesn’t pull some shennanigans and get the girls into trouble with the Warden.

Las Tres Amigas 03-20-2012

Hope you like them…



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