Some political rants… Don’t follow the link to “the rest of the story” unless you don’t mind possibly being insulted….

On Liberals
…I am on record at WUWT as admitting my Liberal status – on many but not all issues besides CAGW.  My experiences with Liberals are far different from what  you describe.  Most are fairly well-educated white collar or blue collar types.  Corporate?  Geez, no.  Most came up from blue collar neighborhoods and suburbs like me.  Some are middle management – the kinds that corporations love like the Army loves Sergeant Majors: The sergeants get everything done and are the meat and potatoes of a corporation, the doers.  Most of the others work in small companies.  I have never to my knowledge even MET a Liberal who was high on the corporate ladder.  The ex-hippie types (of whom I might even be considered one by some) would love to live in a commune some day – but life and babies and earning a wage got in the way.  Corporate mindset and Liberal are pretty mutually exclusive, from all my experience.  I talk of Liberals because I can’t imagine a Green who is a Conservative.  As to Greens, they actually are few and far between, though a great majority of Liberals side with them and their POV – but only in the sense that going once or twice a year to a MLB game makes someone a baseball nut.  Most Liberals side with them but are too busty with their lives to be Weather Underground members.  YES, there are some who bleed Green, but they are a VERY small minority. If there are 500 in the entire Chicago area of 9,000,000 like you talk about I’d be shocked.  But a lot of normal everyday (Liberal) people side with them.  Just like a lot of normal everyday people side with conservatism, with among them a handful of Karl Rove shock troop wannabes.

Against ’em both
Three issues on which I 100% disagree with Liberals:  catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW), the ozone hole, and bird flu/swine flu.

Three issues on which I 100% disagree with Conservatives: Unfettered free markets, Red/Arab/’Them‘ baiting, and massive expenditures on military at the expense of helping a nation’s own people.

On Fearmongering
I think there are belief systems on both sides that are too extreme.  And part of both sides’ mentality is a fearmongering of their own.  On the Right it is commies and Arabs and crime – with their concomitant armies and police.  On the Left it is Bambi’s mommie, baby seals and scorched Earth, plus imagined pandemics – with their ‘necessary’ CDCs, EPAs, WWF and Greenpeace.  Alarmists on both sides milk fear for all it is worth – once they find they can make a living at it, they have to keep it up.  I agree with the necessity of government as a builder of infrastructure of all kinds, which means anything that facilitates more (rather than less) sanitary cities, improved ease of commuting and shipping goods, and managing rivers and airwaves – plus something you Canadians have that we don’t: National Health.  I see health care as a right not a privilege.  Leaving it up to the vagaries of the free market is something I simply think is doomed to fail a great number of people.  And speaking of free markets, this last crash was only due to the removal of protections put in place after the last great failure of markets to manage themselves – the rampant leveraging and speculation in the 1920s.  The entire world is still paying the price for the U.S. failure to properly regulate our markets.  Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy – We did it to them, and now they are being forced to succumb to draconian solutions, while the shit head bankers are still stuffing money into their pockets at the expense of everybody else.  Why should the world have had to pay for U.S. failure to control gamblers properly?  I have no idea.  You and I are both going to have far different retirements than we had expected.  Carnivorous capitalists have devoured the retirements of many tens of millions of people around the world, and the damage will extend out for at least as long as you and I are alive.

On Greens and Misanthropy
At the same time, the Greens are monumentally insane in trying to rid the world of CO2 emissions.  I have not been able to find it again, but one of the very first IPCC documents I saw had a Preamble that asserted the aim of reducing CO2 emissions to ZERO.  That, in effect, is a manifesto to kill all industry, everywhere.  Having seen godawful exaggerations/lies by tree huggers years earlier, I was not surprised, but I knew that I could not side with them on that aim.  Siding with them meant worse than Hitler or Stalin; it would have meant signing on to killing off a billion people or more – possibly many more – due to unemployment, disease and starvation.  Compared to their misanthropic human hating agenda, Hitler vs the Jews was a piker.  And many times I have heard them say, in one way or another, that animals and plants have the right to live, but humans are the scourge of the Earth and should be wiped out.  So like the anti-semites Rosenberg, Himmler and Hitler, the Greens seem to believe that killing ‘them’ lets there be room on the planet for the Greens’ preferred life forms.  But the road to that is genocide.  I actually believe that if one presented that term to some of them they might even agree with the use of the term.

Stuck in the middle with you
So on one end we have people raped and plundered and driven to the poor house by capitalists, and on the other side we have humans as a species targeted by the Greens.  Both sides have their public relations spin and propaganda that tells us with alarmism that if we don’t do what they say the world will end up as a Bolshevik state or a wasteland – take your pick.  But I think there is a large un-malignant middle ground that no one seems to be willing to argue for or fight for – the one in which we can all live in benign and decent prosperity.  I 100% reject both – laisse faire capitalism as an abject failure – and tree hugging at the expense of human lives.

I am a true independent, one with leanings toward all issues that help people to live more fruitful and prosperous lives.  I am pro-business, but only inasmuch as the system is not allowed to be ‘gamed’ by insiders or oligarchs.  Having been in 3rd world countries, I have seen how a terrible infrastructure is destructive of the improving of prosperity – as well as the abuses of oligarchs toward the same prevention of widespread prosperity.  The only really long term prosperity is widespread prosperity – the modern world is nothing if not proof of that.

That is my rant,


  1. Just wanted to thank you for pointing me to Altemyers Authoritarian website. His psychological analyzes made it starkly clear to me as to what major mental deficiencies exist with a large portion of the US population, the dangers to democracy involved and the near impossibility of correction through debate. I now understand why it has been impossible to reach these personality types through one-on-one logical demonstration. I can now add this new understanding to those of the documentaries “Inside Job” and “Burzynski the Movie” .



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