Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid – Or Maybe Not

I love the “Early Warning” web page – Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid at its best:

  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Arctic and Antarctic Warming
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Coral Reef Bleaching
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Downpours, Heavy Snowfalls, and Flooding
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Droughts and Fires
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Glaciers Melting
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Heat Waves
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Plant and Animal Range Shifts
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Flooding
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Spreading Disease

Let’s add the ones they might have left out:

  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: UEA Head Steps Down (Oh, excuse me, that was autumn, wasn’t it?)
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Climate Warmers run out of speculations; Pigs Fly
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Michael Mann shows humility, admits he left out the MWP (Oh, no! Is that hell freezing over?)
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Steve McIntyre, Anthony Watts, The Chiefio, John Christy, Richard Lindzen Ross McKittrick share Nobel Peace Prize, for saving the planet from abject poverty and billions dead
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Climate Research Unit dies. Overdose of CO2 suspected.
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Hockey Stick code found; Jones swears he didn’t know it was in the shoe box in his freezer next to the body parts [swears out loud “It’s a McIntyre plot to get me!”]
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Polar bears turn brown again, for the first time in 150,000 years. (They turned white as an adaptation – obviously not something they could ever do again.)
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Gas Prices drop, as entire world realizes planet it is not going to end
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Met Office Completes Jones et al re-do; Data with Corrected and Vetted UHI Shows Cooling of 1970s Never Ended
  • Early Warning Signs of Global Warming: Pachauri vigil ends with glacier plowing him under

Life is too funny to be serious all the time. . .

– Steve

4 responses to “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid – Or Maybe Not

  1. Danger, Danger, Warning Will Robinson…all that sounds like a broken record aye?

    Not buying into the fear/blame game.

    Cheers ;0


  2. I found it utterly amazing that they would actually list all those, one right after the other, kind of a menu of fear – “Choose one from column A and two from column B” – if we didn’t like the last one, well, then how about THIS one? Nope? Maybe THIS one?

    [I wish these comments would allow formatting!]

    BTW, Kimbo, besides being in WM (2012 means something besides Mayan calendars to us, doesn’t it?), I was associated with Edgar Cayce stuff for years, and his Earth Changes predictions. I was also a member of a group called The Stelle Group, which was founded with the expectations of a crustal shift of the Earth about the year 2000.

    So I’ve been around doomsday predictions my whole life. Global warmers are just another flavor, as is the Mayan calendar thing.

    There is something in the psyche of many of us that wants disasters to happen. Cayce’s readings said that after about 1945 (he didn’t put an exact date on it) no souls would be allowed to incarnate unless they had gone past a certain threshold in their soul development, that a certain very large group of souls needed to be here for the beginning of the new world/end of the old world (also not his terms but mine).

    Perhaps there is something coming and we all remember what it was like the last time. I don’t think that is the case, but it is possible. But I think that may be why so many are jumpy about the state of the planet. Cayce’s readings said that in trying to get rid of the problem of the really large animals (which I’ve always thought was dinosaurs), they were trying something with putting energy into the Earth’s crust (I think it is what Dr Joseph Farrell calls scalar energy), and they accidentally tuned the thing too high and screwed up the geology really badly. If so, many died knowing they did it to themselves. And that may be the root of the ease with which people accept global warming – they are just WAY jumpy about seeing it happen again, to the point of not being rational. Oh, they do all think that it is rational, but I’ve not run into ONE person who has actually looked into global warming and found its science to be convincing. On the other side, among the skeptics, probably 75% or more DID look into it, and continue to look into it, not accepting something just because someone said so.

    And that is odd.

    Because the skeptics are generally “authoritarian” thinkers, ones who believe in lines of authority. And it is authoritarians who will usually accept something told to them by an authority figure, while the anti-authoritarians usually need to see proof first. So, in this area the roles seem reversed.

    And I can’t explain it.

    I hope you don’t mind my thinking out loud. But I don’t really like being on the side against Progressives and Liberals, who I usually side with. But this is science, not social issues, so maybe that makes the difference; I’ve worked for decades in engineering, and I can’t turn off my critical thinking mind – which, unfortunately, seems to be the case with my usual brethren. And I can’t get any of them to pay attention to facts. And at the same time, with NO actual facts at their fingertips, they accuse the skeptics of being anti-science. That is 100% not the case with the skeptics, because they are all OVER the science end of it all, every day, pointing out the REAL flaws in the evidence that has been presented.

    One thing my Progressive friends do is take evidence as proof. Evidence can only be suggestive. Proof is in the stratosphere, far above any single piece of evidence.

    It all bollixes me all up. I am on the side I don’t want to be on – but in this case it is the right side. Just in the last two days, two major British scientific bodies have come down hard, against the climatologists who have been processing the data for the UN climate body, saying they have not followed normal scientific principles at all. (I think part of the Progressive POV is that scientists are eminently trustable people; in this case they are missing the boat.)

    So, sorry about bending your ear. But I am thinking you can “get it.”


    Any thoughts?

  3. Aha! The old way of adding italics works!

  4. Hi Steve,

    As always, thanks for bending my ears, espcially my inner one! LOL

    While the world points fingers, some of us just observe the patterns and adjust accordingly…whatever that may be.

    I’ve had an interesting week I would like to share with you but via my personal email. Let’s just say that for those of us who are willing to hear, the ears are fully perked.


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