Winter Weather – NO, not as relates to Global Warming! (well, maybe a tiny bit)

Let’s get the global warming bit out of the way then:

Global warming started after 1984, when I decided I didn’t want horrible winter weather anymore.  I was REALLY REALLY fed up with -30F temps and white outs and blizzards.  So, I asked if we could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have milder winters. [Prior to that, I had been eagerly enjoying the horrible weather we had been having.  By 1984, I’d had enough!  Terrible winters SUCK!  But it had taken me a few bad ones to really get to hating it.

Starting in 1985, that is precisely what happened.

Am I claiming responsibility?  Am I claiming supernatural powers?  Do I have a link to the gods?

You tell me.

I thought it was a nice coincidence.  And knowing what I thought I knew about the human mind, I thought, well, let’s go with that and see where it goes.

In 1999 I started reading up on global warming and concluded that the buggers were wrong about it.

By 2000 I thought, why not try to push my luck on this, so I started saying the climate was going to get better.

In the fall of 2009 I decided that, once and for all, they were going to be shown to be wrong: I decided that this winter was going to be a doozy.  ALL the weather forecasters on all continents said it would be a warmer, milder winter than most.  But I made my call, and I stuck with it.

Now why would any sane, science-based person make such statements about what was going to happen?

Yes, I do think I am sane.

But I also assume that I don’t know all that is possible, for the human mind, for the universe, or for the interaction between the human mind and the universe.  There are certainly some things that are possible that we have not figured out yet.

This post is some level of anecdotal “evidence” that we do not.  Some will say I am delusional.  All I can say is that I am reporting this all as it did occur.  I do not make claims here that are not true, as far as they happened in my experience.

Science skeptics (the people who claim that anyone who doesn’t toe the line on current scientific thinking) would have a field day accusing me of self-delusion.  I have no intention of convincing them.  I am only telling this as what happened.  They can tell you I am remembering things wrong.  They can tell you I am living in la-la land.  They can tell you I believe what I am saying (but that I really do need to be committed to some institution).  I don’t give a rat’s ass what they think.

It is a fact that, starting in 1985, the climate did start to warm up.

It is a fact, even recognized by the climatologists, that since 1998 the global average temperature has been going down.  As of 2000, they did not know this.  They have only since December of 2009 acknowledged that this is true.

It is a fact that the winter of 2009-2010 has been – especially in the areas where the climate guys are most active (the eastern US, England and northern continental Europe) – god awful.

It is also a fact that the Chicago area, where I live, has been spared the worst of all the weather since 1985.  I even took to calling it the “climate capitol of the United States,” since it was avoiding the worst of the weather.  Really bad weather was going north of us, and it was going south of us.  But it wasn’t hitting US.

“And,” you are thinking right about now, “this goofball thinks he is behind it all?”

It is not that I am CAUSING it.

I am just requesting it.

I seem to have a connection to the weather/climate.


Why do I think this?

What delusion am I under?

And why?

First of all, let me say this: I LOVE WEATHER.

That alone is no claim.  Lots of people love weather – good weather, bad weather, intense weather, remarkable weather, unusual weather.

“But,” I can hear the global warmers yelling at the ‘skeptics’ when it suits them, “WEATHER IS NOT CLIMATE.”

No one knows that more than I do.

“But,” says I, “weather makes up climate, piece by piece.  There is no climate without weather.  Climate is lots of weather, all strung together.  So to change climate, you must change weather.”

Now, there are some among the global warming scientists who – it appears – were changing climate, not by changing weather, but by fudging the weather and climate numbers.

I don’t do that.

To make things clear: No, I myself do not change weather or climate, either.

Somehow, though, I have had a history of asking for weather changes and seeing them come true.

Example #1:

In the first week of December of 2000, I was scheduled to fly to Savannah, Georgia, then to drive up to Hilton Head, South Carolina, to meet someone.  It was a date, actually.  The lady in question was scheduled to fly into Hilton Head by way of Charlotte, North Carolina. Two days before our flights, the weather forecast for Charlotte was not good.  The city was going to have one hell of a snow storm.  My date called me and expressed her worries.  I confessed to her that I seemed to have some kind of knack for this kind of thing, and I told her I would do what I could.

I did what I do.  (I hope you all don’t mind if I don’t spell it all out in detail.  This post is getting a bit long already, and there is quite a bit to go.)  By the next day I emailed her saying I’d taken care of it.

Her reaction?  “You are a nut case, Steve!”

Fact: The TEN inches of snow that were going to hit Charlotte fell in the hills of western Virginia, about 100 miles north.  Her flight was not canceled.  Charlotte got a dusting of snow.  Look it up.  [In case you’re interested: The date did not go well.]

Example #2:

In the waning days of August, 2003, I started a relationship that was to take up the next 5 years, with a woman in the lovely city of Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.  I had visited Guadalajara 14 years earlier and had fond memories of it, so an invite back was, at the least, going to be a nice adventure.  Within those first few days she mentioned that the lake south of the city, Lake Chapala, had dwindled to almost nothing.  It was Mexico’s largest lake, and it was in dire straits.  The water volume was down to 15% of normal.  And to make matters worse, the rainy season (mid-June to the beginning of October) was about three-quarters over and still the water volume was that low, with over 8 months of dry season to follow.  It seemed a certainty that the lake would completely dry up before the following rainy season.

Knowing my own history, I offered her – the lake, actually – my help.  I had visited the lake myself, on my earlier trip.  And I really did like the lake.  She, to her credit, said the Huichole Indians, from the surrounding area, were praying for rain, and that she was putting her own energy into it, too.  I explained some of my past history and told her I’d “talk to the powers that be” and request help.

I do not order anything to happen.  I just put in my request, fervently and honestly.  I was concerned that the amount of rainfall necessary might pose a flooding risk if it all came in the remaining season, so I specifically asked that it come over the next TWO rainy seasons – what was left of that one, plus the following rainy season.

Fact: Almost immediately, the rainfall started exceeding expectations.  With only four more weeks to go in the rainy season, the rain fell and fell.  When the end of the rainy season came, it was still raining.  It rained beyond what it normally did, into October, past the middle of October (very unusual), and past the end of October, and into the first week of November.  My friend there said she had never in 34 years seen rain in November.

The lake volume at the end of the rainy season?  60% of normal.  When I visited the lake in late December, the lake was still a far cry from what I had seen 14 years earlier.  It is a shallow lake, and the shores slope very, very gradually, so a foot of water represented a large area of shoreline exposed.  And it was down more than a few feet, still.  But people were very happy to see it at its then current level.

In the following rainy season, of 2004, the rains came again.  Again, it was more than was expected, and by the end of the season the water volume was a bit over 100% of normal.  The lake was saved!

And what part did I play?

I asked that a certain condition happen.  I asked that it take place over two years.

Whoever is up there who likes me, he/she/it/they did it.  I just asked.

The present winter of 2009-2010

Fact: Europe — Record cold has occurred over much of northern Europe.  100-year snowfalls have happened.  In some places, two 100-year snowfalls have occurred within two weeks of each other.  Record cold temperatures have occurred all over the place.  Rivers and canals that had not frozen in memory saw ice skaters and river traffic at zero, frozen in the ice.  For the first time England had snowfall over the entire country at the same time.

Fact: Eastern U.S — The Mid-Atlantic states have been buried in snow.  Two huge snowstorms hit Washington DC with  a week, but it wasn’t reserved for the nation’s capitol: Blatimore, Philadephia, the entire mid-Appalachians got really nailed.

Fact: Australia — The summer of 2009 is the coolest since 1956, so far.  Their summer being our winter, it means milder there while more severe in the northern hemisphere.

Overall, during December and January, it is lower temperatures in both hemisphere – even while we are being told it is one of the warmest years on record.

In the End, What does it mean?

I don’t know.  Ny own guess is that some unknown physical law is being tapped into when I ask for certain weather.  Either that, or it is all some coincidence, that I somehow ask for what is already going to happen, and I am just guessing right at the right times.  If a coincidence, it is a really interesting one, especially with me being in the middle of it.

If you had 100,000 people asking along with me, I would say that someone in that bunch will have a record like mine.  Maybe a few someones.  But certainly not many.  That is if it is all just like placing bets at a crap table.

I would say it is something else, because when I ask, I am not just placing a bet.  I am certain that these things are going to happen.  Something inside me goes “Click!” and I know at that point it is an accomplished fact.

I also know that it is not CAUSED by me, but that the mental energy I contribute is a part of what is going on.

I usually look at it that I have an individual entity among those who work on the environment of this planet, keeping it in balance, etc.  I also look at it that it is a precarious balance, and that the attitude of people here is part of that balance.  In other words, we get the climate we collectively want.

Someone once said that we have the kind of government we deserve.

Perhaps it is the same thing for the weather.

And perhaps the difference in “what we deserve” is just the tiniest tilt to it all.  And perhaps my mental energy is that “tiniest tilt.”

Perhaps I am just asking when no one else is asking, and so my request is the only one on the table, so they give me my wish by default.  This is the one I adhere to.  My request is the only one, because I am the only one who has figured out that asking actually can have an effect.  I didn’t set out to figure it out.  But maybe by accident I did.

So, did I cause the global warming that has been observed since 1984?

Actually, it is supposed to have been happening since 1977, but I don’t think it was really noticeable until 1985 to most of us.  There is a climate event known as “the Great Climate Shift of 1976-1977” – Google it –  that is now attributed to the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), and in that one year, something like 90% of the global warming was said to have occurred.

The PDO is now in an opposite phase from the one that predominated during the time since 1977.  The shift was scheduled to begin in about 2003 or so, but seems to have taken a bit longer to get here.

As far as the cooler weather since 2000, perhaps I just asked for cooler weather at the right time.

And my asking in 1984 for warmer weather might have been close enough to the beginning of that warmer phase of the PDO to make it look like I was guessing right.

I won’t rule either one of those out.

But it doesn’t explain the short-term requests, nor the fact that Chicago’s winter has been just about normal while the rest of the northern hemisphere is going nutso.  Oh, didn’t I mention?  I didn’t want it to be colder HERE.  I LITERALLY just wanted the global warming people to feel the heat, as it were, of some really cold weather, so that the public would stop accepting what they said as the truth of the matter.

I have to admit, they are getting SO much sheit from all over Europe and the eastern US.  So, right wrong or inconsequential, I am tickled pink at the way things are working out.

And I will continue to believe that somehow I am able to influence the weather.  We all have to have our little beliefs about how the world works.  This is one of mine.

I totally believe this is a real thing.  When one sees something work, time after time, why would anyone not accept it as part of his/her reality?  Denying it makes a lot less sense, if you ask me.

Did I fool myself all those times?  Maybe.

Did it fail – ever?  NOPE.

See what I mean?  In spite of it sounding crazy, you’d think it might be real, too. . .




6 responses to “Winter Weather – NO, not as relates to Global Warming! (well, maybe a tiny bit)

  1. Well Steve,

    As you and I both know, WE are the center of our own Universal Hologram. WE can influence what we perceive in this matrix.

    I have had many instances where I have, how do I say, had an intent, but wasn’t overly attached to the outcome…then saw things happening that confirmed the power we have over our environment. Two of them being weather related.

    A few years ago my sister was living in the Orlando area. It was the year when they had a lot of intense hurricane activity. She knew I had a very close realtionship with Creator and asked me to pray for the safety of her house and all of the occupants. Immediately I had a vision. I could see a dome around her home. That was it. I told her about it and a few days later, after the 120 mile an hour winds had died down, she called me and thanked me for the results. All around her property, there were trees down and all kind of debris. Not one shingle, not one part of the screens around the pool was touched or damaged in any way. And, it was as if a circle, or dome of protection was around the house.

    The second weather related prayer request came from my other sister about a year later. She lives in Indiana and they had a really bad storm coming, and talks of tornadoes. She called and asked me to pray for their protection as some of her animals didn’t have proper shelter. This time I heard “calmed and diverted, three times.” I told her what I heard before my prayer had even been formulated in my mind. A few days later she called and exclaimed “How did you DO that???”. I said I didn’t do anything, other than be open to have the prayer answered. I didn’t even formulate it, rather just received a confirmation and remained unattached to the potential result. She said the storm was headed directly in their path, but all of a sudden, part of it turned 20 minutes north of them, and the other half, 20 minutes south. They didn’t get hit, it was calmed and diverted!!!

    No, you are not crazy. And it is vitally important that we REAL-Ize how powerful our minds are and that we take great responsibility for that. Didn’t Jesus say that faith the size of a mustard seed could move mountains? Yep, I think that kind of sums it up.


    • Hey, Kimbo Babe –

      Yeah, I was laughing – and a tear or two – as I read the “how did you DO that????” bit. I’ve been there on another front, and heard EXACTLY the same question. And THAT time was a “before my prayer had even been” said, too. I was going to, and something told me it was already answered, so don’t get myself all going on it again. (I had prayed two nights running, and this was going to be the third.)

      I’ve healed a couple of times, with what they now call healing touch or something similar. (It’s been a while.) The first time, I went into it with the attitude that, being part of God, then my will is God’s will – literally. I had formerly been in a healing prayer group, and gawd it used to rankle me when people would undo all the energy built up by ending with, “Nevertheless, Lord, as thy will, not mine be done.” Yeeuuuukkkkkkk! Hey! Let’s all put ALL this energy into healing Maria and then after we’ve gotten it all set to sing right to her, let’s waffle on it! Nooooooooooooo! NOT the way to do it…

      You go into it with, “Universe! Hey! It’s me! Yeah, again! See this mentality inside here? Well, it would really prefer that such and such be this way, not that way. I know that there are mechanisms beyond what I know, but you, the overall, you DO know them. Would you PLEASE access one for me, on this issue, for THIS person? I think – and as an individuated portion of God, I have the right and the power to direct this mechanism – even though I don’t know how it works exactly – but I know that you do. So, here is what I think will be best. . . _______________. I understand that, not knowing all the parameters of what is going in this MAY not be the very best, but it is what I think the outcome should be. Please, if it can be done, make it so. I KNOW that you, the Universe, have this kind of thing as part of your job function. And asking is part of my job function, so I won’t waffle about it. I don’t think anyone else is asking for different results, but if they are, please put a priority on my request over theirs, this time. I am grateful that we have this access to your capabilities, and am asking it in relative humility. I say “relative” because, really, just asking is a non-humble act, isn’t it? It is saying, “I am part of God,” and how humble is that, really? But I do, and I am, and ask that you do. Thanks!”

      If we are part of God, then it comes with some perks, yes?

      If we accept that we – as humans – are a special kind of creature here in this hologram, the ones with the mental capacity to bend time and space (as Hiro Nakamura would say), then let’s not be bashful about it, even as we know we have a long way to go to figure it all out. But WE DO HAVE the ability to figure it all out. And as children of God, there are abilities we will one day have. How soon? Well, maybe today! If we don’t at least try them, we aren’t going to know, are we?

      The funny thing is that everyone else has this access, too, and don’t do anything with it – because a.) they don’t believe they do, b.) they think it is hubris to think they should, and c.) they don’t think they are worthy.

      So, the first step is to get over a, b, and c.

      How do you DO that, Kimberlee??? You just wake up, smell the new day, and act as if you are a goddess – because you are.

      Are we cool with that?

      • Yes, I AM “TOTALLY” (delivered in a valley girl accent) COOL WITH THAT!!! And the God-dess in ME recognizes and bows to the God-ness in YOU ; )

        I have to laugh, thinking back about the first time we connected on WM. I was, am and forever will be greatFULL (spelled that way for a reason) for our friendship and continued inter-action/commun-I-cation.

        I went for a run this afternoon and was thinking about this very concept…the ability for us to DO these things and how simple it really is if we have even just a little ounce of faith. Yes, we get over the abc’s of it and just BE willing to allow something bigger than US to work through us. I go back to that biblical reference where Jesus (he da man) tells us that we can do the things (miracles) that he did and more. Now why would he say this if it were not true?

        For instance, science talks about quantum entanglement, how the observed is affected by the observ-er. Our perceptions, our beliefs, shape our experiences. Why not dream/envison big??? Why not, even if for grins? Jump in the deep end and breath the beauty of it. Move beyond dipping the toe in the shallow end. Experience the VASTness of the miracles of life.

        So, here we are, the center of our Universal Hologram. Part of it and the Whole, all at the same time. When empowered to BE-live, to ackNOWledge that this is so, we recognize the power to wield our Free WILL and USE it, experiment with it if you will.

        How do we DO this? I have found the secret is in the simplicity of it. Just BE willing to allow our vision to unfold without being energetically attached to the outcome. I love that “before you have asked, I have already answered” thing. It is faith in a nutshell and it is without ego. It is humble and it is power all in the same space.

        If you think about the idea of the hundreth monkey concept for a moment. Jesus stepped into the ALL consciousness ideal mindset. Once some “one” has gained access, it is open to ALL OTHERS. We can and we WILL use that key when we re-cognize that it is inherent in ALL of US…the vehicle, the access point lies within the wisdom and purity of the intent that has been, is and will ever BE from the beauty and intelligence of the heart, the central SUN/SON, center of the Universal Hologram that we ARE and are part and parcel OF.

        Love you brother!

  2. Kimberlee –

    I just had a thought, about something I want to try. It has to do with hypnosis, but I don’t know anyone here. It occurs to me that you might know one there. If you do, there is possibly one he/she might recommend in the Chicago area. Someone who might be a bit more “California” in his/her thinking, if you know what I mean…LOL

    It is an experiment I’ve wanted to do for a long time. And I don’t have the right contacts here to follow through on it. It might be a little Hollywood, but it is something I’ve really wanted to do – or at least try.

    Any possibility of finding someone who knows someone?

  3. Yes, in person. This is a big experiment (to me, anyway). It is not necessarily for me to be hypnotized, though that may be something to do along the way. I actually will want some volunteers. Probably I should do it first, though.

    I will check out the two links and see what there is to see with them.

    It is too early to talk about it. But when it is time, you’ll be the first.


    . . . . TD

    or should it be F2TF?

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